Madam President Please Mandate MFDP to Submit To 2013 LACC Report Request

Madam President Please Mandate MFDP to Submit To 2013 LACC Report Request

Dear Madam President,

Congratulations for the many achievements of your leadership for history shall record this unmatched feat in its anal.

It is my prayer that this letter meets you in good health and fate.

Your Excellences, as a citizen I have been troubled by the fact that MFDP (Ministry of Finance & Development Planning) formerly headed by Amara Konneh was linked with a corruption matter in the 2013 LACC report submitted to you in February 2014, yet your voice of challenging MFDP to subject itself to the LACC Report has not been heard since (Chapter 2 Section 2.1.1of the Report).

Madam President, it will interest you to note that in this highly honest report to battle Corruption, there were sixteen cases reported from January to December and the eleventh case of the report stated that the MFDP had stubbornly refused to cooperate with the LACC in making paid checks references available and how the settlement agreement was reached between MFDP and those Evictees of the 2013 Demolition at 24th Street, Sinkor up to the date of this communiqué. 

 It was reported that Evictees (Troubled Citizens) complained about settlement agreement involving Representative Munah E. Pelham Youngblood of District #9 Montserrado County in the tune of US$200,000 plus.

The reason for Non- cooperation from MFDP up to date is a concern for all residents of Electoral District #9. Residents are still wondering why Mrs. Jesentha Tickey cashed a US$20,000 LBDI Managers Check (Check No: 112149 issued May 28, 2013) as Demolition victim even when no document of damaged property claims displayed her name.

Should the public conclude that more Ghosts received checks?

That is corruption and it has to be rejected to the highest degrees of our thoughts and actions!

Our Honorable Mother, as a child obsessed in the whirlpool of ignominy I humbly plead with you to please instruct the MFDP to subject herself to all request made to her by the LACC in 2013.

Those evictees’ ears, eyes and hearts are with you on this matter. You have to intervene so that the perpetrators could be brought to Justice.

You have the time once more as a President to act because of unhappiness from your subjects.

Corruption is a social canker that has depleted the wholesomeness of the state, it should not be tolerated. Public Officials should refrain from corruption as a code of conduct.

Finally Madam President, I was impressed when I read your position on the PSDI Internal Audit Report where you mandated James Kollie to return from his official trip abroad and answer all questions in regard the Audit Report.

Yes! You did it in the case of the Audit Report; you could also do it in the case of the 2013 LACC report.

It was the eleventh of the sixteen cases reported with the file number of #00115.

The big secret is there are too many big names emanating from Ministry of Lands, Mines, & Energy, Ministry of Finance & Development Planning, Ministry of Justice and Rep. Munah Youngblood.

Those Evictees and the people of Liberia want to know, where has the US$200,000 plus illegally squeezed out of the Evictees gone?

This could only be answered when MFDP cooperate with the LACC in the fleshiness of time.

Thanks for considering my humble request.

With thoughts of the highest esteem, I submit myself to the fight against corruption. Daniel T. Bestman, An Embarrassed Citizen/Wroto Town
Electoral District #9, Montserrado County
0776811809/This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.