Hypocrisy of Liberian Politics: The Alex Cummings Hammock Ride

Hypocrisy of Liberian Politics: The Alex Cummings Hammock Ride

The Editor,

Once again, the classic Liberian hypocrisy is in full fervor. The news and pictures of Mr. Alex Cummings being carried by apparent supporters somewhere in the Liberian hinterland are being posted all over as if he has sinned!

Readers should be mindful that the uproar regarding Mr. Cummings Hammock ride comes amid an ongoing attempt to exclude him and others from participating in the upcoming national elections under the guise of enforcing a "code of conduct" that has be adjudicated by a heavily influenced supreme Court.

Yep, quasi-nationalists and boisterous nativists are vociferous in their collective condemnation of Mr. Cummings.

No one has taken into consideration the context and or what instigated the hammock ride – no one! Incredible, ridiculous and ludicrous assumptions are commonplace.

Some are posturing as if Mr. Cummings showed up in a village with pomp and pageantry and demanded to be carried in a hammock by lowly and hapless peasants!

In one fell swoop, the ghost of Tubman has been resurrected! Fringe critics are dredging up the TWP’s quasi-apartheid rule and linking Mr. Cummings to their evils.

To them, this hammock ride connotes symbolism that stirs up angsts and deep-rooted resentments of the so-called Americo-Liberian 133-year tyranny!

The anti-Cummings elements see this as the slip-up they craved. This is it - The cardinal sin that will torpedo his Presidential ambitions.

Frankly speaking, it is becoming very obvious that some in the political class and their supporters are simply afraid of Mr. Cummings and what he represents.

This is one candidate that is not tainted by the shenanigans and intricacies that thrive in the cesspool that is Liberian politics.

Undeniably, Mr. Cummings, through hard-work and dedication has risen to the zenith of the corporate world internationally.

Not satisfied regarding the plight of his fellow countrymen and women, he has taken up the cause to engender their socioeconomic and political emancipation.

By the tidal wave of feigned outrage and vain attempt to malign his character, it is evident that his political opponents are apprehensive!

We would suggest that the political opponents of Mr. Alex Cummings rather focus on the near total maladministration ongoing in Liberia - where we've spent hundreds of millions with no tangible results in sight!

The so-called hammock ride represents nothing! Absolutely nothing!

The spurious uproar can be dismissed as clear act of desperation by politically motivated individuals who are desperately throwing mud at Mr. Cummings and hoping that something sticks!


Benjamin Kofa Fyneah,
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