Take Action on Issues Affecting Our Mothers and Girls

Take Action on Issues Affecting Our Mothers and Girls

The Editor,

International women day was again for the second time celebrated on a big stage in Liberia, something which is welcoming.

Interestingly, the ceremony has being described as a dramatic moment by most rural women who also vent out their dissatisfaction on the planning and   ceremony process.

Women’s participation and equal representation is a struggle, pain and breadth taking moment in Liberia, a country that has been governed by a female President for the past 11 years now.

Women are still battling with several issues in Liberia, ranging from sexual harassment, rape, poverty, domestic violence, maternal mortality, and discrimination amongst others.

As we celebrated Women’s day aimed at creating awareness on the plight of women in the world with Liberian women being of no exception, it is important that we take concrete actions and tackle challenges confronting our mothers and girls.

Issues of protection, education, empowerment, health, access to justice, stabilized economy; are key to empowering Liberian women from all walks of life.

It is saddening that in Liberia; women, particularly those in rural Liberia spend hours fetching food, drinking water which is even unsafe and other sometimes risk their lives or lose it in order to provide for their families.

Most women die as a result of lack of proper healthcare, leaving their children vulnerable.

Even in Liberia’s capital, women and children are abused on a daily basis.

Rape, sexual harassment, brutality, among other vices is still alarming in our communities.

Mr. Editor keep up your good reporting  by highlight the awful plight of females in Liberia.

These updates have showcased a large number of struggling women  in remote areas like Rivercess, Grand Kru, Maryland, Gbarpolu, and Rivergee which are just few of the places that I can name.

These women survive from hard labor jobs even when they are pregnant, something very unsafe for them and their unborn babies.

Empowerment for women must be seen as a "MUST" aimed at eradicating difficulties women face including prosecution which was recently highlighted in the Paynesville City, Montserrado County.

Due to poverty and lack of robust programs for vulnerable females they are engaged in all forms of activities to survive.

The issues of female circumcision, forceful marriage, rape, amongst others women rights violations are occurring daily.

It is so regrettable that some women who are enjoying and wealthy in the nation’s capital, could boast to the world at the celebration of International Women’s day that "women of Liberia are making tremendous impact" without showing any concert proof.

It will be good that they leave their luxury offices, homes, vehicles, and venture in remote areas in Liberia to experience how women are struggling to earn their ants meal.

Let our leaders know that Liberians mainly women and children are living in poverty and need a better life.

Let them also remember that Liberia is not limited to Monrovia. In order for us to have a vibrant society, women rights should be protected.

Access to Justice is another nightmare for women in every corner of our nation.

This year’s international women’s day is held under the theme “Be bold for change” while the national theme “ women bold in change for a better world”.

It is time that all women speak out and take actions against ills in society and expose the ugly activities they encounter on a daily basis.

It is time that we use funding appropriated for women’s empowerment to help alleviate the conditions of Liberian women.

Remember, if we empower women our children will have a firm educational foundation and proper guidance.

It's time to stop the plenty talk and take action to get our females empower. Let's prevent all forms of distraction that could ruin their lives of females. Females must  be given a space to live happily.

Finally, Women, don't sit there do something positive and take radical actions to protect your rights.

Princess N. Kollie,
Seattle, Washington,
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