Why Christianize Liberia?

Why Christianize Liberia?

The Editor,

There was a time in this country's recent history when blood flowed freely, when one's ticket to heaven could be assured by possession of a can of sardines, when youths stoned on drugs were raping women, girls and even boys in some cases.

Yes there was a time when you could disappear and be found dead behind the old foreign Ministry in Mamba Point and when men ate human flesh and hearts.

Yes there was a time indeed when proselytization especially for thousands of drugged craze youths armed with dangerous weapons was sorely needed yet lacking every and anywhere and when drinking human blood and eating human flesh were appropriate rites of passage.

Yes there was a time when wives looked the other way when innocent blood was being shed and when wives fainted from the shock of seeing their husbands bathing in human blood.

Yes there was a time when drinking "nut bag" soup cooked by wives/girlfriends was considered distinct acts worthy of deserving wives/girlfriends.

Yes there was a time when Liberia stood most in need of redemption yet we remained silent in the face of so much debauchery and wickedness and when the voiceless cried out we could only answer with blank stares.

Strikes me strange though that all along the way then the plight, destiny of our youth never did matter until now comes gushing forth from within messianic impulses to Christianize a state whose founding fathers sought to keep secular.

Kind regards!

John. H.T. Stewart,
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