Liberia At 170: No Safe Drinking Water

Liberia At 170: No Safe Drinking Water

The Editor,

As Africa's first independent Republic and 170 years old, we are still trying to figure out how to run clean, safe drinking water into pipes to our cities and towns from the abundance of our rivers and lakes. No one can survive without drinking water.

You can go on hunger strike for weeks and months but you will need water to survive that long. Shame that our government can't provide this necessity for human survival for our people.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf campaigned on providing safe drinking water and electricity for Liberians in six months upon taking office. It is 11 years now and still no water and electricity. But she and the cronies who run our government drink imported bottled water.

President Sirleaf has not had her blood pressure checked at any government funded medical center in Liberia since taking office on January 16, 2006.

She travels to America for the best in medical care made possible by American tax payers, and she uses our tax dollars to pay for her medical care in America each year. Ebola rightfully exposed the broken healthcare system in Liberia.

Our once national pride, the US-built and equipped John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital in Monrovia has been neglected to the extent that the place is not even fit to take your dog there for good treatment. African leaders on state visits to Liberia in pre-war era sought medical care at JFK Hospital.

The United States, United Nations, European Union, World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, all pumped over a billion dollars into our broken healthcare system during the Ebola crisis. Where is all that money now?

President Sirleaf's oldest sister Jenny Bernard is National Coordinator for the nation's health services, and doubles as Chair of the Board of Directors of the John F Kennedy Memorial Hospital. Jenny and the Sirleaf Clan are into every money making business in Liberia: telecommunications, oil, gold and diamond, logging and they even own a bank.

Ellen is President but big sister Jenny is the Prime Minister. Jenny's husband Estrada, who both spend most of their time in their Long Island, New York Mansion, is both Legal Advisor and also National Security Advisor to sister-in-law and President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Beloveth son Robert Sirleaf is Economic Advisor to mom President Sirleaf.

In addition, Robert was head of the National Oil Company of Liberia with his $360,000.00 a year salary, and NOCAL went bankrupt a year after Robert left. Mom President swears her Golden Boy son will not not be audited, let alone indicted for running NOCAL into bankruptcy.

Another beloveth son, Prince Charles is put in charge of our money as Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia.

The figurehead Governor proper answers to Prince Charles. Another son, Fomba Sirleaf's job is keep mom's critics and perceived political enemies in check, terrorizing them if necessary. Fomba is Director of the dreaded and notorious National Security Agency (NSA).

Another beloveth son runs a family-owned bank, and brother Carney is a big gold and diamond tycoon. More on the Sirleaf Clan to come.

Jerry Wehtee Wion,
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Washington, DC, USA