Carbon Monoxide Inhalation: Conspiracy Theories?

Carbon Monoxide Inhalation: Conspiracy Theories?

The Editor,

The theory of Carbon Monoxide inhalation in the death of Lawrence and Shelly has no fundamental truth in the death of Lawrence and Shelly, since the Liberian Police investigation is still pending. By the way, carbon monoxide under my feet.

Lawrence and Shelly had dinner with Lawrence's brother before going to bed that night according to closed families' report.

My present wife was introduced to me by Shelly; both of them graduated from A.M.E. Zion University.

Shelly was a Mano girl from Ganta. I have planned to meet she, and Lawrence in Liberia in February 2017.

I theorized that their death was poisoning because Lawrence's brother was owing the couple US$40,000 for business he had transacted for the couple in Liberia according to one of the families' member narration.

The hosted house was Shelly's aunt house. She might have fell unconscious because of the surprise death of the couple not because of the proposed Carbon Monoxide.

Eight people were the occupants on the night of the death.

Was the generator in Lawrence and Shelly room? The answer is no. The Police investigation should start at Lawrence's brother house where they had dinner before going to bed.

I will really missed Shelly. My wife is now hoarse from the crying for the untimely death. May their soul Rest In Peace and let the perpetrator of this evil act be caught.

Cooper Kweme