The Unanswered Million Dollar Question by CDC

The Unanswered Million Dollar Question by CDC

The Editor

There is an unanswered million dollar question by the CDC, the well-respected Professor Wilson Tarpeh and Representative Acarous Gray: Is the leader of the Congress for Democratic Change, Senator George Manneh Weah in contact with convicted war criminal, former Liberian dictator Charles Taylor to sway the outcome in the coming presidential elections and to avert a future Liberia War and Economic Crimes Court ?

The answer is either yes or no, then if yes, dwell into the justification later if he contacted Mr. Taylor. A no is a no, period.

It is irreverent whether Mr. Allan White is a paid lobbyist for Mr. Beninoi Urey or not. This is not the issue at stake. What is at stake is the serious allegations that a wealthy convicted former Liberian President is attempting to sway the outcome in a pending election.

That both Mr. Tarpeh and Rep. Gray could not emphatically answer the question leaves more room for speculation, and Mr. White is under no legal obligation to provide any "evidence" in any public debate unless in a competent court of law when it becomes necessary.

From my advantageous point as a Liberian journalist based in Washington with very reliable, diplomatic and intelligence sources in the US government, true or not, but I have been given additional information on the alleged contact between Mr. Weah and Mr. Taylor and his operatives.

Money is also said to have exchanged hands from Mr. Taylor's operatives to Mr. George Weah, initially about $100,000.00 delivered in Morocco and perhaps a million dollars more pending or already delivered to the CDC to have Mrs. Jewel Taylor on the ticket as Vice President to Mr. Weah. Where there is smoke, fire certainly is lurking underneath.

On the reported phone contact between Ambassador/Senator George Weah and Mr. Taylor, former NPFL General Daniel Bracewell is said to have initiated the call to Mr. Taylor on General Bracewell's own private phone.

The call was reportedly made from Senator Weah's house from a bathroom. Those present at the time and supposedly spoke with Mr. Taylor are Mr. Bracewell, Senator Weah, Representative Alex Tyler, the Chairman of Alex Tyler's LPDP, the Chairman of Senator Jewel Taylor's Nation Patriotic Party (NPP) and the former Chairman of the powerful House Was and Means Committee, Representative Kollie.

I have said and will say this again: the CDC does not need the NPP and other shady Liberian characters to win any election in Liberia. There is more to winning elections than being the largest, grassroots mass-based opposition political party in Liberia. You also need Washington's political and economic blessings to win and govern in Liberia. This is what the CDC must realize now and should govern itself accordingly.

The CDCians must also ask themselves why are both men who prosecuted Mr. Charles Taylor,---Allan White and Stephen Rapp---coming out in the same week to talk about the importance of a future Liberia War and Economic Crimes Court? Doesn't that send a signal that Uncle Sam is very concerned and is monitoring events in Liberia? No individual, President or otherwise, in Liberia will be elected to the presidency if he or she is not on good terms with Washington, period.

I have admonished and continue to urge the CDC and Senator Weah to try and work out a collaborative deal with Vice President Joseph Boakai who both didn't have any role to play in the civil war, but critics of Mr. Boakai continue to paint him with the guilty brush of association of corruption in the Unity Party.

Mr. Boakai is minus the Unity Party and it is no secret why President Ellen Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is reportedly not supporting him but instead she is supporting Mr. Charles Brumskine of the Liberty Party. But good luck to both Mr. Weah and Mr. Boakai.

Senator Weah himself needs to address these serious allegations of his reported ties to Mr. Charles Taylor, or it may well derail his presidential dreams. CDC should know better that the United States has the capability to monitor, be it the phone contacts, Internet transactions, travels and banking and financial dealings of every Liberian, period. The media is not a court for Mr. Allan to provide evidence of Mr. Weah's alleged contacts with Mr. Taylor.

The United States is and has been the babysitting Liberia and will get its way regardless. As for Beninoi Urey being an errand boy of Charles Taylor, well, the United States has permanent interests and NOT permanent friends.

Just ask Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines, Manuel Noriega of Panama and even William R. Tolbert of Liberia. And like it or not, there will be a Liberia War and Economic Crimes Court and neither the NPP nor Mr. Charles's Taylor will prevent it.