Liberia No Exception To Sell-outs

Liberia No Exception To Sell-outs

The Editor,

In racist America and Apartheid South Africa, there were good whites and good blacks, and bad whites and bad blacks. When the enemies penetrated the ANC, black sell-outs within the ANC directed the Apartheid Police to Mandela's hideout.

In America, sell out blacks shot and killed the icon Malcolm X. Liberia is no exception; we have our own sell-outs.

In the making of a "REVOLUTION" you will always find sellouts. So Armah Jallah is no exception. He needs re-education. Former House Speaker Alex Tyler is learning that lesson now. The "establishment" Congua have permanent interests and NOT permanent "friends." Hope this is not above the pay grade of some of my critics. J.R. Faulkner, Wilmot Blyden, Albert Porte and Gabriel Baucus Matthews are a few nationalist progressives who didn't buy into this pseudo-superiority and dogma of the Congua over tribal people.

Yes, we have our own tribal "Judases" who have succumbed to the false doctrine of Conguaism. Alex Tyler and now Armah Jallah are caught in that inescapable web laced with baits of money. Thus Senator Cooper could be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and decided to jump from the sinking boat captained by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for his own political salvation.

The greed of Senator Armah Jallah will soon outlive his usefulness if he still is of any more relevance in our forward march of the Revolution now in its 170th year. It is not for the faint of hearts; may be slow coming but we will get there by any means necessary. Like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, one must never lose sight of of the objective-finality of the struggle. We tribal people will triumph in the end because true democracy is a numbers' game, and not the sham we have had since 1847 and punctuated in the 1927 Presidential elections where a border-jumper from Sierra Leone, Charles Dumbar Burgess King, became Justice Minister, Secretary of State and eventually President of Liberia in the most rigged elections in human history that the record still stands today in the Guinness Book of World Record. What the corrupt True Whig Party did was first the disenfranchisement of the tribal landowners from participating in any elections, let alone run for and hold public office while being forced at gunpoint to pay taxes without any representation in the government.

Registered voters among the Americo-Liberians numbered 15,000 in the 1927 Presidential elections pitting J.R. Faulkner against the True Whig Party's Charles Dunbar Burgess King.

But when the results were officially announced, King got 234,000 votes from the 15,000 registered voters; and Liberia has had to live with this political sin of holding fraudulent elections since that was repeated by Samuel Doe in 1985, Charles Taylor in 1997, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in 2005 and 2011. Therefore in the struggle to cleanse our system of contaminants, you will find the likes of the many Alex Tylers and Armah Jallahs who have swallowed the incurable disease of corruption passed on from the True Whig Party to the Unity Party and will need to undergo political surgeries on the national level. We welcome into the fold the enemies of our enemies who are undergoing a political rebirth and recognize that Liberia needs new thinking. Like the whites in South Africa, where can they go? They are now "South Africans."

Where will the Congua in Liberia go? We have a lot a work to do to make them feel at home that we are all Liberians but where no one is above the law.

They must throw off the yolk of their false sense of entitlement and superiority. With the numbers (95 percent) on the side of the long marginalized tribal people, 2017 could be the game changer and Senator Oscar Cooper is beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hope my message is clear to my critics. Jerry Wehtee Wion,
Washington, DC, USA