Kudos To FrontPageAfrica For Awards, Recognition

Kudos To FrontPageAfrica For Awards, Recognition

The Editor,

I am so happy that your good works are appreciated by the mother entity of journalists in the country, the Press Union of Liberia despite negative criticisms against your professional works sometimes from the government of Liberia when you point to ills unfolding in Liberian through your daily articles.

There is a saying that says: “Always do your best, remember someone is watching”. It is now glaring as you have been awarded the best media outlet in Liberia while your managing Editor, Rodney Sieh has been awarded Journalist of the Year.

Front Page Africa has exhibited over the years that they are fearless despite thousands of threats on reporters’ lives, shutting down the entity, imprisonment of the Managing Editor amongst others. Your entity has not shielded the TRUTH for friendship; something which I commend and highly respect FPA for.

Indeed, you are the best media outlet because you have given “Voice to the Voiceless”; You are always telling the untold stories mainly from in rural Liberia where our people are in desperate need of basic social services. I can confirm that your stories are changing conditions and saving lives in Liberia.

Your news outlet has also helped to educate our duty bearer about their functions, constitution of Liberia and basic laws governing a civilized society.

Indeed Human rights lawyer, Cllr. Tiawon Gongloe, is just right for describing your Editor, Rodney Sieh as “an epitome of extraordinary journalism” for the level of work he  has done over the years .

Thanks Mr. Managing Editor and the Front Page Africa family. The world is watching and I am convinced that with the level of international exposure you have, the pen will continue to show its might over the guns in Liberia.

Editor Rodney Sieh your passion for this profession is as high as evidenced by the many nights and days you spend digging out the truth behind happenings in Liberia.

KEEP IT UP, the best reward is yet to come.

Over the years working with you as a young multimedia journalist in Liberia, you have helped to shape my passion for the journalism profession and has made me to devote more time to the profession.

You are also willing to go the extra miles to get your team working under a conducive atmosphere by providing them logistic, transportation, gadgets, and most of all making them to team up with international journalists when they visit Liberia.

Mr. Editor your passion for capacity building cannot be over emphasized; as you are always scouting opportunities for your reporters something which is helping them to become the best.

I’m a witness and know that working with you have made me to gain international recognition from a little known journalist in Liberia and today I am serving as a fixer, reporter, resource person, consultant for some of the best media entities in the world.

You have built the capacities of some great journalists in Liberia today some of them have made Liberia proud, and earned several international awards something that has put a spotlight on the Liberian media.

You have not relented in building the capacity of more Liberian journalists as evidence by the new breed of journalists you are currently mentoring at your entity FPA.

I salute FPA and the professional records are there. I hope others will follow your good works and help to change our society.

The media is a watchdog for society and must live up to that. For other media colleagues who have been reorganized amongst their colleagues; I also salute you on your achievements and let the award serve as a motivation to you.

Liberia is all we have and we must contribute to society in a positive manner.

Nathan Charles, Multimedia Journalist
Minnesota, USA
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