US$5M Polytechnic Project in Nimba County - PYJ Discloses

US$5M Polytechnic Project in Nimba County - PYJ Discloses

Ganta, Nimba County – Senator Prince Johnson of Nimba County has disclosed the construction of a US$5 million Polytechnic in Nimba County in his quest to promote the development of education in Liberia.

Report by Willie N. Tokpah/ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Speaking to FrontPageAfrica over the weekend in Ganta, Nimba County Senator said the project which is expected to be completed in three years would address series of educational constraints faced by his kinsmen and other surrounding counties.

The Nimba County lawmaker noted that the US$5 million project would mark the third phase of his educational projects across Liberia.

In addition to the ongoing construction of the polytechnic, Senator Johnson said, he is also running two institutions in Monrovia under the name, PYJ Education Foundation as part of his contribution to Liberia’s reconstruction drive since the end of the civil crisis.

When completed, the polytechnic according to Senator Johnson will be run on a minimal fees basis that every citizen wishing to enroll will afford.

Johnson who is opting for Liberia’s highest office noted that the polytechnic will offer series of courses as well as skills training in various capacities.

“These are some of my contributions to Liberia since the war. I dare any Presidential candidate; even the current President never had this before coming to power."

"See what I am doing here singlehandedly, from my little money I make from the Senate and loan I get from the bank,” Senator Johnson stated.  

He reiterated a comment that lot of people do not appreciate the good things he had done and continue to do, but instead focus on negative propaganda against his person, describing him killer and murderer.

“Moses was a murderer, he killed Egyptians but Moses became a man of God and a great deliverer."

"Everyone in life has his or her own record."

"Charles DeGaulle of France who became President fought war; Thomas Jefferson, who became President of America, fought a bitter civil war, George Washington who became President of America, he fought a bitter civil war, many great men in history fought war”. he said. 

What matters, according to Senator Johnson, is the need to focus on Liberia’s reconstruction.

He termed the ongoing developmental initiative an encouragement for more young people to get involved in capacity building in Nimba and its surroundings.

The Nimba County Senator wants Liberians desist from criticism and focus on developmental initiatives that would benefit them and Liberia as a hold.

Senator Johnson named development as a pivotal tool to nations’ growth which he says, must be prioritized.

He placed specific emphasizes on educational development which, according to him, creates easy access to nationwide transformation.

“As Liberians who have passions for your people, you should be doing this. If you don’t build schools, build hospital, if you don’t build hospital, build something that will improve the lives of our people and upgrade their living conditions,” Senator Johnson told FPA.