VP Sister Faces Senate’s Health Committee For Confirmation


Monrovia – Mrs Norwu Gaba Howard, sister of Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, Thursday, February 15, faced the Senate’s Health Committee stating reasons why she should be confirmed as Liberia’s next Deputy Health Minister for Administration.

Report by Henry Karmo – [email protected] 

At the hearing, Mrs Gaba Howard promised that if confirmed she would work with the various Health Committees of both the House and Senate to raise the healthcare standards of the nation by ensuring that healthcare workforce is properly trained with the skills, knowledge, and tools to perform their duties. 

The Deputy Health Minister-designate also promised to work to earn and keep the public trust by providing strong, evidenced-based administrative leadership to ensure that safety and compliance is government’s primary objective. 

“We must work with our stakeholders on the health plans set by the Ministry of Health, so that Liberians can benefit from care that yields the best outcomes, even in the most unlikely places,” she stated. 

“As the agency responsible for the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of health policies, plans and standards,” she further stated, “the MOH must not only uphold the standards set, but must also create a culture at all public-private healthcare institutions that promote safe efficient and people-centered care.” 

She also told the Senate Committee members that she believes that healthcare facilities that are funded by the government must follow best practices and adhere to the standard set, in order to cater to the national need. 

“Based on the President’s belief that we must provide free healthcare services for the vulnerable in our society, we must work diligently to ensure our children, pregnant women and the elderly have equal access to life-saving options, right here in Liberia. 

“Those healthcare private providers must use the allotments given to them to offset payments for the vulnerable ones in our society, who cannot afford healthcare,” she stated. 

The nominee graduated from the Lutheran Training Institute in Lofa County and later matriculated to the Cuttington University College (now Cuttington University), where she graduated with the Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. 

In 2002, she obtained the Master’s degree in Nursing from the Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia, USA. 

She has worked as a nurse for over 28 years, with more than 18 years of experience in Nursing Leadership and Management.