U.S. Based Eye Specialist Promises More Help to Liberians


Monrovia – A US-based eye specialist who arrived in Liberia June 16, 2016 has promised more help to Liberians on her return.

Report by David S Johnson, Intern, MediaAid Foundation – [email protected]

Tonya Reynoldson who arrived in the country along with her son, Deshawn Brown said that the exercise carried out during her sessions included vision screening and giving out reading glasses amongst others.

According to her, she was amongst those who came back with the proprietor of the Ford-Madden Christian Academy located on the Smythe Road, Old Road as he thought about Liberians after the wake of the deadly Ebola outbreak.

In an interview with reporters Tonya said that she is grateful for coming to Liberia because she wanted to help due to the request from Arthur David.

“Because of the relationship with Arthur and myself, I was able to come to Liberia to help check the eyes of the students at the school and later we decided to involve members of Arthur’s church, the Church of Christ, and then the community”, she says.

“The number is absolutely overwhelming. I could not have expected this much”, she added.

She noted that many problems that people in Liberia are faced with regarding their vision especially the cataracts in their eyes hindering their ability to read and see well.

She encouraged that it is the hope that Liberians can know that people out there always thinking about them.

Mr. David and his wife Anora David who requested that Tonya come to Liberia said, “Many Liberians do not have the capacity to have their eyes checked,” “contributing this little effort as we are just reawakening from the scars left by the deadly Ebola virus, I believe that many will be grateful”.

He added that the students at the Ford-Madden Christian Academy will have so many opportunities, and this is just one of them.

Meanwhile, a resident of the Smythe Road Community, only known as Mr. Fahnbulleh expressed thanks to the team for giving him some glasses to aid him in reading. “It is very timely of them to have come at this needy time”, he says.

Mr. Wheagar another resident added that Liberians are very blessed, because there are always people who want to help them in the time of need. He expressed thanks and appreciation to the proprietor of the school, Mr. David and his wife and the team for helping him has his eyes checked.

The Ford-Madden Christian Academy which is one of the prestigious institutions in Liberia contributed immensely during the Ebola outbreak by providing food, chlorine, amongst others to its students, parents and staff to help them.

Since the establishment of the school in 1996, it has graduated over 300 students that are working in many private or government agencies in and around Liberia.

“We will make sure to give back to Liberia as this country is for us Liberians,” he said. He added. “I cannot forget to thank my beloved wife more for all the help”, he said.