Major Hospital in Grand Bassa County Overcrowded – Relocation Call Intensifies


Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County – The Administrator of the Liberian government hospital in Buchanan says over crowdedness of patients, limited doctors and low financial budget are major challenges slowing the functions of the hospital.

The Liberian Government Hospital is the main only public referral hospital in Grand Bassa County, also catering to cases from Rivercess County.

Isaac Bannie told FrontPage Africa in an exclusive interview that “there is a need for the hospital to be relocated” because the influx of patients at the existing is increasing on a daily basis.

“Between 2011 and 2015, we used to treat up to 1,000 patients monthly but now we can treat over 5,000 patients before the month can come to an end,” Bannie said.

“Sometimes we put mattresses on the floor for other patients because of the lack of empty beds”.

He said the hospital has only a medical doctor, who is also helping to train others at the hospital.

“The one doctor that the hospital has work day and night and if he’s tire then the lives of patients are at risk,” he said.

He then called on the incoming government to prioritize relocating the hospital, providing additional doctors and increasing the budget.

 “The current budget for the hospital is around US$250,000 which is very small to run this big hospital here in Grand Bassa County “, Bannie said.

Some patients of the hospital confirmed that the lack of beds at the facility is concern.

Hawa Nyansia, a patient, complained that the hospital is not conducive for patients anymore due to its over crowdedness.

“We as sick people just jammed together and it is possible that the sickness of others can catch us anytime “, she stressed.

She, however, praised the administration of the hospital for exercising patience in attending to patients.

Another patient, Amos Garmenjay told this paper that it is now expedient to relocate the hospital, or there might be serious public health concern problem in the nearby future.

“Every day people giving birth (to babies) and the population is increasing and there is no space here to build additional annexes”, he said.

“So, the government must do everything possible to relocate this hospital.”

There have been several promises coming from county officials about relocating the hospital following several complaints by people in the county.  

Meanwhile, commenting on the situation of maternal deaths at the hospital, Mr. Bannie praised the citizens for their cooperation, which he said, has help decreased the incidents of maternal death in the county.

He said pregnant women are now willingly going to the hospital for delivery instead of giving birth home.

But he cautioned that malaria cases are still increasing in the county, adding that it is “due to the refusal of citizens to use the mosquito net”.

“Several mosquito nets have been distributed in this county but the citizens take the nets and use it for other purposes instead of the real purpose.”

Report by Elton Wrionbee Tiah, FPA Contributor