55 Unsafe Sachet Water Producing Companies Closed in Monrovia


Monrovia – As part of it efforts in ensuring that water consumed by citizens is free of contamination, the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL) has shutdown 55 mineral water companies, following a period of inspection of various mineral water companies in Monrovia and its environs.

Report by Augustine T. Tweh – [email protected] 

Some of those mineral water companies affected are: Crystal Water, 16th Street Sinkor, Best Aqua Water, Smythe Road, Old Road, Nuna Water, Redlight, Paynesville, Safe Aqua, Duport Road, Super Aqua, Old Congo Town Backroad, among others. 

Speaking at a press conference in Congo Town, on Monday July 17, 2017, the Director General of NPHIL, Tolbert Nyenswah said the closure of the 55 mineral water companies is due to what he term as “poor service and sanitary conditions”. 

He also added that the initiative undertaken by NPHIL is part of its mandate as enshrined in part III, Chapter 19 of the Public Health Law of Liberia to ensure that water consumed by citizens is free of contamination.

Director Nyenswah noted that the purpose of the inspection was to ascertain the quality of water being produced for human consumption and the sanitary condition of packet water producing companies in the country. 

“Approximately 125 water companies operating in Monrovia and its environs were inspected. During the inspection, samples were collected and tested including a thorough examination of the environment in which they were producing the water. As a result of the inspection and water examination, we found out that the commercial water products of 55 out of the 125 companies were totally unfit for human consumption,” he said. 

The Director General of NPHIL noted that it would not tolerate any violation that poses risk to customers’ health, stressing that the inspection will be done regularly, starting with water producers, and extending to food handlers, ranging from Restaurants, Hotels, and other institutions of public health importance. 

NPHIL further warned water companies to remain closed pending improvement of their services and environment, asserting that the task force backed by the Ministry of Justice will enforce the order, and penalize any company producing unsafe water for public consumption. 

“We assure the public that the inspection exercise will be a routine process to ensure that water consumed by our people is free of contamination. We want you to note that failing to observe standards and practices regarding cleaning, sterilization and hygiene, create an enabling environment for multiple bacteria to grow, thereby compromising the quality of the water being produced,” he averred.


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