Sherman’s Fall: The Unlearned Lesson Befell Them


AT A PROGRAM TO boost the presidential bid of Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai, the chairman emeritus of the Unity Party, Senator Varney Sherman, passed out and was quickly rushed to John F. Kennedy Medical Center.

AS THIS PAPER WENT to bed last night, it remained uncertain about the status of his health.

AS THE SENATOR WAS RUSHED out, what was visibly noticed was the absence of an ambulance on the grounds of the Capitol. Neither is there a clinic, too.

WE HONESTLY DO WISH him well, but this calls for introspection from the men and women on Capitol Hill as they are tasked to ensure the well-being of the nation through their various oversight responsibilities.

IF ANYTHING WHICH has befallen this country, we haven’t learned a thing or two from the outbreak of Ebola which claimed the lives 4,810 Liberians and foreigners.

WHAT KEPT THE numbers rising were partly due to the fact that when the outbreak started and during its peak, ambulances were lacking to race the sick and dead from one location to the other.

ONLY TWO AMBULANCES were in the entire country. The other was owned by Rep. Saah Joseph which came in handy during the outbreak.

AS A RESULT, MANY began placing the deceased on the streets to draw attention to the situation. Seeing this need, many countries around the world began to pour medical donation into the country.

HUNDREDS OF AMBULANCES were donated speed up the process of taking the infected to the hospital.  As Ebola waned, so too did the ambulances as they were converted to many use, including personal. Today, some have completely vanished and many could not be accounted for when auditors of the General Auditing Commission (GAC) went on an asset audit mission.

 WHAT HAPPENED ON the grounds of the Capitol was a completely disgraceful scenario. As wealthy and influential Cllr. Sherman is, wealth and influence could not come to his rescue as determination to his was being made on what vehicle to take him to the hospital.

KARMA IS A BITCH, it is said. That the Legislature would have no form of medical services at its own door where it allocates money to be spent from the national purse is a downright stinking shame.

THE LEGISLATURE IS NOT even in this feat. Even the president is not free from this. We are not aware of Madame la Presidente having a personal physician in her office with her at all times. Barely often do we see the ambulance in the Madame’s convoy.