Liberians Must Be Wary of Inconsistent Job-Seeking Politicians


SWITCHING POLITICAL LANE has turned out as an acceptable norm in Liberian politics. But the manner and form these politicians switch from one political party to another raises concerns of ideological principles and leaves the creditability of our body politics in shambles. It also vividly signals the level of inconsistencies embedded in these politicians. It casts doubts over the kind of public officials they would become if their party should assume state power.

WE ARE CONSTRAINED to brand these so-called political transfers as gravy seeking motivated by greed and egocentrism. We draw our argument from the ongoing exodus of top officials of Liberty Party who have endorsed the candidacy of Senator George Weah of the Coalition for Democratic Change without the consent of the party.

CHARLES BRUMSKIN WAS BEMUSED by the actions of his top lieutenants and if his disappointment is authentic as he stressed during a gathering with a handful of grassroots partisans at the party headquarters recently, he will have to live with his disappointment for a very long time. His once second-in-command Harrison Karnwea has left without saying goodbye. It’s a political divorce nobody saw coming this soon. 

THE FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT TO exercise political franchise should not be hindered by others opinion. Everyone has the freedom to support whosoever in a political race.

HOWBEIT, WE ALSO KNOW that principle or ideology drives any political institution and without these core values that government-in-waiting (political party) is visionless. When top officials of a certain political party that has based the foundation of the party’s political agenda on integrity are acrimoniously heading to the very party they fervently criticized, then we must x-ray the rational behind such endorsement and how it reflects on national politics.

WE CARELESS ABOUT the barrage of fictitious justifications provided by these politicians. We can only equate it to a gravy-seeking venture. The kind that seeks to hand them a place in any elected government. What concerns us is the future of Liberia’s politics that seems to be severely threatened by political egoists in a country where illiteracy is unbearably high. These politicians are preying on the ignorance of the masses, exploiting any opportunity to have their grip on power and we must not allow them win without scrutiny.

INSINCERITY AND LACK OF PRINCIPLES within political parties explains why government officials are never committed to national growth but rather job-seeking to fill their pockets at the detriment of the country. Just as they switch allegiance in the twinkle of an eye, commitment to ideological purpose also evaporates in thin air. Quitting a political idea for another is akin to betrayal of trust and gullibility. Sadly, any thing goes in Liberia.

THE SITUATION WITHIN THE LIBERTY PARTY is a shame for our national politics. It depicts how the weakness and inconsistency of our political parties easily affects the implementation of national agenda. If political party stalwarts are double standard or flip flopping, they must not be trusted with national leadership because they would fall for any thing at any time. Self-seeking politicians often lied when they tell their followers that their support for a certain politician or cause is for the good of the country. In reality, it’s the opposite: Selfish intent based on personal desire and greed.

WHILE WE DO NOT OPPOSE the personal decision of any of our compatriots regardless his/her social or political status, it is our unflinching duty to check mate or dissect the actions of political figures ahead of a very crucial runoff election that would set the stage for our country’s future. If Liberia must progress, Liberians must seek true integrity in their politicians.

WE ALL SHOULD EXAMINE THE DECISION of these politicians in order to establish the true intent of their actions because these are the very individuals that would steer the affairs of nation building. So, once they are credulous as they clearly show in actions, and we continue to ignore their actions, the future of our country is doomed.