Grand Gedeh Conspiracy: Is An Entire County Shielding Rape of Girl,13?


County owes it to Liberia and the world to produce living body of 13-year-old rape victim and her infant child

FOR ALL ANYONE knows, the 13-year-old girl who was allegedly raped and impregnated by her uncle, Representative Morias Waylee (Unity Party, District 2, Grand Gedeh County) recently, could be either seriously ill, malnourished or on the verge of death. The 13-year-old was allegedly raped and impregnated by Rep. Waylee and was allegedly thrown out of the house by his wife, Welleh, when she became pregnant, according to Police investigation.

THE FATE OF THE INFANT she painfully brought into this world leading to a battle with fistula is unknown. Yet, an entire community, an entire county remains silent even as authorities finally zero in on bringing statutory rape charges against the lawmaker.

FISTULA IS AN abnormal or surgically made passage between a hollow or tubular organ and the body surface, or between two hollow or tubular organs. Imagine what this 13-year-old went through to reluctantly bring this child in the world.

THE LAWMAKER has constantly denied any knowledge of the crime even the girl at the center of the crime.

THANKFULLY, POLICE INVESTIGATION has unearthed that the girl was a ward of the lawmaker which was crucial in police finally charging Rep. Waylee with criminal conspiracy, tampering with a criminal investigation and tampering with witnesses.

THIS IS ALL authorities can do right now. Charge him with bailable crimes because the victim at the center of the tragedy is nowhere to be found.

THE LAWMAKER has been successful in perhaps convincing the family to keep quiet. The little girl was reportedly taken to the Sande bush while the driver of the lawmaker who is said to be in the know of what actually happened is also in hiding, or according to Waylee, somewhere in the sick bush.

ALTHOUGH THE LAWMAKER was taken to the crime laboratory where his finger prints were scanned before he was taken to one of the offices at the headquarters where he remained for more than six hours last Saturday, this case is far from over.

EVEN IF AUTHORITIES are successful in bringing Rep. Waylee to court, the case won’t go far without witnesses, or most importantly, the victim.

REP. WAYLEE and his supporters are quite aware of this and are doing all they can to witnesses and the girl from the eyes of the public.

EVEN HIS WIFE APPEARS TO BE IN ON the act. “We have officially charged Hon. Waylee because we found out that Suspect Waylee and his wife, Williette Waylee, know ***** [the survivor] but denied ever seeing both her and Saydee Barway who is the uncle of the girl,” Police Chief Gregory Coleman told reporters last Friday. “He denied knowing the victim, but the investigation has discovered that the victim lived with him and his wife.”

THE WIFE, after days of search, finally turned herself in at the weekend and has been charged along with her husband for kidnapping, criminal conspiracy, tampering with witness and tampering with criminal investigation by Police. Although her husband slept at police custody for 2 days she was no where to be found according to Police authorities.

BOND POSTED by both he and his wife has been accepted by Judge Kennedy Peabody.

SADLY, POLICE and investigative authorities have questioned the proceeding of the court as they said no finger print was taken by the accused and it is unclear whether the court will send Welleh to be processed by Police. “We were in search of her, her husband said he had no idea of her whereabouts, but it’s unbelievable as soon as we took him to the court, it was when she appeared, we expected the court to have send her to us for processing,” an investigator said.

TODAY, BOTH HUSBAND AND WIFE are expected to charges brought by the state against them.

TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE. Mr. Waylee’s supporters have stepped up their rhetoric by launching verbal attacks and making threats against the reporter who has been covering this story. Bettie Johnson-Mbayo was abused and threatened by supporters of the representative for her consistent reportage on the alleged rape and impregnating of a 13-year-old girl who lived with the lawmaker. “Since this is the only story you see, let me see one more publication, your life will be done,” a supporter of the lawmaker shouted Saturday.

THE SUPPORTERS had gone to the court to share sympathy with Rep. Waylee who was being forwarded to court by the Liberia National Police on multiple charges including criminal conspiracy, kidnapping, tampering with criminal investigation and tampering with witness.

THIS IS A REAL TRAGEDY that an entire community has taken sides with a lawmaker and are helping him to shield witnesses and the victim of this horrible crime.

THIS A COMMUNITY WHERE mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers all reside, leaving many to wonder what would happen tomorrow when such a horrible crime is hidden.

THIS IS A CONSPIRACY THAT MUST be exposed, condemned and uprooted by each and every Liberian.

IT IS SAD that Rep. Waylee, instead of helping authorities to find the little girl and commit himself to a DNA test in a bid to clear his name, is busy conniving with supporters to hold placards in support of his sick and twisted attempt to get away with such a horrible crime.

EVEN MORE TROUBLING, Rep. Waylee’s supporters are engaging in a desperate attempt to tribalize his alleged crime under the guise that he is the target of a witch hunt.

WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE live in a community that would suppress a little girl and shield a lawmaker from facing justice? What kind of people would stand by and do nothing, including helping authorities to locate this little girl and her infant.

IT WAS A SIGHT TO SEE last weekend as Rep. Waylee’s supporters held up placard. The most painful part of this is that women were seen holding up those placards.

WHAT KIND OF NATION are we, that a government lacks the will and the power to demand that this community find this little girl so that she could receive the necessary medical attention for she and her infant.

WE WILL ALL be guilty as a nation if anything bad should happen to this 13-year-old girl.

THIS IS ONE TIME that the law needs to be put in check. Rep. Waylee does not deserve bail, especially if he continues to hide witnesses, including his own wife and his driver.

IT HAS BEEN ESTABLISHED that he lied when he said he did not know the girl. Authorities have enough circumstantial evidence to continue holding him until he reveals where the little girl is being hidden.

THIS CONSPIRACY spells trouble for us as a nation; it spells trouble for us as a people. It tells the world that we are incapable and lack the will to do right in the midst of a clear wrong.

WE SHOULD ALL HOPE that this little girl and her infant are still alive because everyone of us will be guilty of murder and guilty of a major criminal conspiracy that allows a sick and twisted lawmaker to parade around our country receiving his monthly salary and benefits while a young girl and her infant languish in pain and suffering.

WHERE ARE THE politicians running for office? Where are the women advocating for more seats in the national legislature? Where are the so-call representatives and senators from Grand Gedeh?

AS EVERYONE remain mute in silence, Rep. Waylee, his wife, supporters and friends were giggling, smiling and laughing as they left court Saturday, displaying a ray of arrogance and a slap in the face of a justice system unlikely to get to the bottom of this tragedy. Thanks to a sad place we call Liberia, where anyone can get away with anything and no one has the balls or gravitas to say enough is enough and stand up for what is right.