GSA Cars Recollection Raid, An Act Out of Order


THE GENERAL SERVICE AGENCY (GSA) in an effort to retrieve cars from government officials, created a roadblock at the Vamoma House/Airfield Junction, arresting and parking marked GoL cars. 

SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE OPERATION nearly two weeks ago, fleets of government vehicles can be seen parked at several locations in Monrovia and its environs including the Vamoma House Airfield Junction on Tubman Boulevard. Most or all of the cars that are seized in the streets, can be seen parked in the courtyard of the Executive Mansion on Capitol Hill. 

AS THE ELLEN JOHNSON-SIRLEAF-led administration edges to the finish line on Monday, January 22, there are reports of government cars vanishing in thin air; and GSA, which is the custodian of all GoL’s assets, thinks it needs to step in quickly in order to preserve vehicles for the incoming administration of President-elect George Manneh Weah. 

THE TRUTH IS IN TIME PAST, GOVERNMENT officials leaving offices at the close of those regimes, usually take away assets belonging to the state. This has become like a bad tradition, which needs to be stopped at all cost. 

WHILE THE ACTION BY GSA is being hailed in some quarters of the Liberian society, this action hasn’t fallen short of its fair criticism. 

AN OFFICIAL OF THE GSA told FrontPage Africa on Monday that the agency is implementing a mandate issued by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, which requests that all vehicles belonging to government be turned over to the GSA for proper inventory after which some of the cars will be parked to commute guests expected to attend the January 22, 2018 inauguration ceremony in Monrovia. 

NO DOUBT THAT THE EFFORT to retrieve government assets aimed at easing financial burden of the incoming government is a laudable venture. 

BUT THE MANNER IN WHICH the Agency is or carried out such operation has no place in a civilized society like ours. There are reports of cars’ assignees, along with their families, being stopped in the middle of the street and asked to handover the keys of cars to personnel of GSA, who take the vehicles away leaving those users stranded. 

THE ACTION BY GSA is out of order and a total disrespect to those who have served and are still in those positions serving their nation. 

MORE BESIDES, THIS ACTION clearly exposes the agency’s limitation in managing the State’s assets. 

IT POINTS TO THE FACT that GSA does not have a proper and organized digital and a regular updated system that can easily track government assets, especially vehicles like the Vehicle Tracking GPS Solution (this is just an example not a recommendation. GSA can decide which is best for Liberia should they think of deploying this technology). 

WITH A PROPER SYSTEM AND IF NOT for attention, the Head of the GSA wouldn’t be out in the sun creating road blocks like war days and arresting government vehicles sometimes forcibly. 

MADAM BROH’S ACTION SHOWS that for 12 years the government has failed in putting a system in place to manage government fleets and its assets, instead the agency and its head are riding on public sentiments. 

PARKING GOVERNMENT’S VEHICLES like the way it was being done recently, paints a picture like working in government is the worst thing to do. Broh and her people’s action is nothing but a remainder of our ugly past of the jungle justice days. 

DEPLOYING TECHNOLOGY AND PLACING GPS on all government’s vehicles will save millions and time.

THE ACT BY GSA IS A DEMONSTRATION of nothing but incompetence. With a tracker on all government’s moving assets, Madam Broh and her lieutenants could sit in their cozy offices and know, stop the movement of vehicles without wasting hours in the streets and embarrassing some family heads in front of their families, relatives and friends. 

THE GSA ACTION WILL EVEN CREATE a situation for government officials to hide their vehicles. 

GOING DIGITAL WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER but if you want to remain in the stone age, this is what we believe the GSA should have done, create a data of everybody riding government vehicles and work with each agency’s transport departments, collect a regular monthly update on the status of vehicles. 

WITH REGULAR INFORMATION AND ORGANIZED SYSTEM, the GSA will definitely know who is riding what vehicle and could make a request to the head of the agencies if need arises to recall certain vehicles for certain official functions, etc. 

WHAT HAVE BROH AND HER TEAM accomplished over the years in curbing the waste in management of government assets? This is a question that leaves many to ponder.

THIS HAS BEEN AN AGE-OLD problem that Broh, who is noted for some brilliant performances in most places she has worked under this administration, hasn’t been able to solve. So stop the eye service and accept the inability to properly manage government assets. 

WE HOPE THAT THE INCOMING ADMINISTRATION will learn from this mistake and gravitate the GSA to the 21st Century so that our assets never get lost again in thin air.