Charlyne Taylor Deserves A Chance – But Not on Her Father’s Dubious, and Wicked Humanitarian Deeds


CHARLYNE TAYLOR, DAUGHTER of former Liberian President, Charles McArthur Dakpannah Ghankay Taylor, sent our comment section on our website into an overdrive when she declared her intention to run for a seat in the Legislature.

IT’S NOT HER AMBITION which gained traction and had everyone railing against her but her statement on why she decided to enter the race for a seat in the Legislature.

“I WAS MOTIVATED to contest because I am a humanitarian and come from a background where my father, former President Charles Taylor, as you know was a humanitarian and dedicated his life and service to this country and the people of Liberia,” she said.

“SO GROWING UP IN such environment is difficult for you to see people suffering and not want to help,” she added.

ALL GOOD, WE SAY unto Ms. Taylor and she must be commended too for being amongst the few women who are running at all levels in the upcoming general and presidential elections. A noble act that Liberian women are becoming more and more engaged in a just fight.

BUT, AND A BIG ONE too, we detest the assertion from the former President’s daughter that her jailed father was a saintly humanitarian. Are the Sierra-Leoneans listening?

THE 250,000 LIBERIANS and foreigners whose lives were lost must be churning, if not turning, in their many mass graves scattered across the country, listening to the remark from Ms. Taylor, thanks to the rebellion launched by her father who is now languishing behind bars in a British cell.

APPARENTLY MS. TAYLOR was a bit too little to remember some of the “humanitarian deeds” carried out by her father but a quick reminder here and there can help us to help her fill in the gaps.

IT WAS FORCES OF CHARLES Taylor, the “humanitarian”, which killed five American Catholic nuns on the Somalia Drive, according to the TRC Report.

“HUMANITARIAN” CHARLES Taylor burned down the offices of the New Democrat newspaper and sent scores of journalists, activists and politicians into exile.

IT WAS “HUMANITARIAN” CHARLES Taylor on whose orders Benjamin Yeaten arrested and subsequently executed the Dokies of Nimba County.

IT WAS “HUMANITARIAN” CHARLES Taylor’s forces who bombed the Mount Electric Dam in Harrisburg. Today, Liberia suffers from a perennial shortage of electricity.

“HUMANITARIAN” CHARLES Taylor doused many young boys and girls with narcotic substances and turned them into Zombie like creatures and gave them monikers such as “SMALL BOYS UNIT” and “SMALL GIRLS UNIT.”

CHILDREN CANNOT BE held for the misdeeds of their parents but when they deliberately feigned and try to sanctify their transgressions, they must be called to order.

IVANKA TRUMP did not have it her way in Berlin when she tried to defend her father, US President Donald Trump, at a panel discussion which included German Chancellor Angela Merkel and IMF Managing Director, Christine Largarde.

IVANKA HAD PRETENTIOUSLY and failingly attempted to defend her dad’s poor record on women but that was met with boos in the audience because she had deliberately forgotten that before he became President of the United States, he was grabbing women by the P***Y , calling Rosie McDonell slob and calling other women pigs for being fat.

AND SO WHEN LIBERIANS went to the polls to elect Charles Taylor, shouting “You kill my ma, You kill my pa, I will vote for you”, they didn’t do so on a basis of love but because they wanted peace and were tired of being displaced from pillar to pole in a senseless war, not Taylor’s “humanitarian” deeds.