Alternative National Congress, Unity Party Same Day Rally Cause For Concern


THE ALTERNATIVE NATIONAL CONGRESS complained the Unity Party to the National Election Commission of organizing its rally on the same day it has a planned campaign activity at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium.  

ALTERNATIVE NATIONAL CONGRESS ACCUSED THE UP of exerting undue influence on the electoral process to deny other parties the right to freely association and to get their message out.

ANC ALLEGED THAT THE RULING PARTY planned action is a breach of free and fair campaign process.

CUMMINGS ANC ALSO ALLEGED THAT the UP is using incumbency power to subdue the opposition adding that the party and its Standard Bearer, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings are in accordance with the National Elections Commission (NEC) regulations.

 “A PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT was made to ensure that ANC partisans would be able to convene freely and peacefully,” The ANC said.

ON HIS FACEBOOK PAGE, THE UNITY PARTY campaign Manager Augustine Ngafuan announced a rally on the same October 7, 2017 adding that the event is a massive pre victory and thanksgiving rally.

“WE ARE GOING TO CLOSE with a massive pre victory and thanksgiving rally on Saturday, October 7, 2017 at the SKD Sports Complex,” Ngafuan said.

POLITICAL PARTIES HAVING RALLY AT THE SAME TIME and place has ended in brutal clashes between both parties.

RECENTLY IN NIMBA, PARTISANS OF THE LIBERTY PARTY (LP) and the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) violently clash, leaving at least two persons reportedly wounded.

ACCORDING TO REPORTS, THE AREA HAD BEEN BLOCK OFF BY THE POLICE in Sanniquellie to allow the LP rally activities, while the roadway around the City Hall was designated by the Police for CDC movement.

POLICE HAD MOVE IN TO QUELL THE DISTURBANCES that occurred and lasted about an hour as it spilled to nearby areas of the city. But both parties blame each other of causing the violence.

WITH NEWS OF A SAME DAY RALLY BY the Alternative National Congress and Unity Party; this should be a cause for concern.

THE ANC SAID IT RECEIVED APPROVAL to hold its closing rally at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium-ATS on Saturday October 7th.

LIBERIA AS COUNTRY CANNOT AFFORD TO REVERSE the gains made over the years and any attempt by any politicians or political parties that brew tension should be condemned.

 FOR DECADES PRIOR TO THE SIGNING OF A Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in 2003, Liberia suffered one of Africa’s most brutal civil wars, which killed more than 200,000 people and displaced over a million more.

THE DUAL IMPACT OF THE PEACE AGREEMENT AND UNMIL’s presence bolstered an era of relative peace and stability.

OVER THE YEARS, LIBERIA STEADILY DEVELOPED ITS ECONOMY AND INSTITUTIONS and enacted several security and justice reforms and managed to overcome a devastating Ebola outbreak in 2014.

WITH THIS ASTONISHING SUCCESS IN ACHIEVING A CONSIDERABLE measure of peace and stability, we must continue to work together in sustaining the peace.

ELECTORAL VIOLENCE IS ASSOCIATED WITH HUGE COST. Kenyan is a classic example of that and Liberia cannot afford to follow similar path.

OUR FRIENDS IN AFRICA AND ACROSS THE GLOBE are investing a lot in our elections and something political parties but recognized.

REMEMBER THE FARMINGTON AGREEMENT, REMEMBER those women at Fish Market who from dawn till dusk are in the sun and praying to sustain the peace.

THE LIBERIA NATIONAL POLICE and the National Election Commission must do all in its power to avert any situation that has the propensity to spark out elections violence.