A Stitch In Time For Christmas


WITH JUST THREE DAYS AWAY from what is inarguably the most celebrated day in the world, Christmas in Liberia and around the world is all about convergence and sharing.

THE GERMANS, DURING CHRISTMAS, sit around the Christmas tree with family, eat chocolate till it’s very late into the morning. Some go to the Christmas market to watch Christmas concerts and drink hot wine.

In GHANA, IT IS ALL ABOUT sharing and exchange of food.

IN LIBERIA, THE CELEBRATION is all too different. Sumptuous and mouthwatering dishes are prepared with West Africa’s all-time favorite, Jollof Rice, topping the list of foods, followed by potato salad and other luscious ones.

KIDS ARE DECKED IN THEIR CHRISTMAS best and in an anticlockwise Santa fashion, they go to neighbors, family members, friends and parents, saying: “I come for my Christmas.” They are handed money, sugary drinks etc.

HOWEVER, THE LAW OF unintended consequences always comes into play during  the festive season or celebration.

DURING THE EARLIER PART of this week, a lorry ran into a Christmas market in Berlin, Germany killing more than nine persons and left many injured. Search is currently on for the culprit of the act.

IN ANKARA, TURKEY, THE Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, was attacked and killed at the opening of an art exhibition by an off duty police officer. He was several minutes into a speech before he was shot.

IN LIBERIA, THAT law is not going to be quashed—oh no!

PERHAPS WITHOUT ANY SUPERVISION, our kids are going to be loitering and gallivanting the streets of Monrovia. Without any recreation, some are going to resort to consuming alcohol – a trend which is all too common during the festive season.

IF SOME OF THEM will go on the beach, then we fear the ides of March. Lord knows.

FOR THE LITTLE GIRLS, MANY WILL be robbed through statutory rape of their virginity due to being drunk excessively from alcohol even though there’s a regulation from the government that alcoholic beverages must not be sold to kids.

AS IT IS, SOME PARENTS ARE already raising concern now with the sudden appearance of an alcohol from Guinea in a drip bag called La Force.

AMONGST MOST YOUTHS NOW, it has become popular and with it being so easily concealed, Lord knows how much force it possesses to manipulate the vegetative brain of the little ones.

AND IN ALL OF THE SWIRL OF CHRISTMAS, we hope the Liberia National Police will be vigilant as ever during these times as it’s important for these vices to be curtailed.

WE HAVE ONLY HEARD OF A GLAMOROUS plan to nab criminals and thieves during this Kwanza season but short of that is a plan to watch out for the kids and other teenagers who could be misguided because as the Chinese say—the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step and that step, it seems will be taken during this Christmas and eventually will leave an indelible mark in their lives.