‘Stop Foreigners From Using Liberia Passport’ – Diaspora Liberian Warns


Monrovia – The Vice Chairman for the Concern Patriotic Liberians in the Diasporas (CPLD) has stressed the need for the Government of Liberia to stop foreign nationals from using Liberian passports.

George Carr Nyemah said it is important to stop hundreds of other country nationals that are using Liberia passports and other important documents to travel across the world.

Mr. Nyemah said the arrest of foreigners – who are caught in criminal acts – using Liberian passport would derail the integrity of the county in the international community.

“It is now time for the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf led government through it embassies around the world to find means in putting stop to foreigners and aliens that are taking advantage of using Liberian documents to seek asylum in Europe, Asia and other parts of the world,” Nyemah said.

The CPLD Vice Chairman also criticized Lebanese nationals who traffic Liberian girls to Lebanon and other parts of Asia or Europe under the pretence of offering them green pasture, mentioning that some of these girls are later forced into prostitution in these countries.

Meanwhile, he called on the government to take serious action against those that have been found guilty of such crime.

At the same time, the organization’s Vice Chairman also emphasized that if Liberia must move forward, government must make improvements in important sectors.

Nyemah named the security sector, good health service, education, job creation, and infrastructure development as some of the important sectors that need improvements.

He said due to lapses in these areas, the country economy has being hi jack by foreigners that control the economy.

Mr. Nyemah is expected to visit Liberia in July 2017 in order to invite all Liberia presidential aspirants, civil society organizations and the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) to a town hall debate in Amsterdam, Netherland.

He told journalists his organization was founded to help educate Liberians in the diaspora, keeping them abreast with the leadership strength and skills of presidential aspirants ahead of the 2017 presidential and general elections.

“My organization has decided to invite all of our country presidential aspirants along with some members of the Civil Society and the PUL so that we all will be able to see and know where those politicians political strength lies and who they are when it comes to moving the country forward and not backward,” explains Mr. Nyemah.