Liberians in UK to Celebrate 170th Independent Anniversary in Northampton


United Kingdom – The Liberian community in the United Kingdom will join Liberians across the globe to celebrate a milestone in the country’s history as Africa’s oldest republic turn 170 today.

Evenly Duke-Deshield, President of the Union of Liberian Organisations in the UK (ULO-UK), in a statement said the community is extending a happy Independence Day and an invite all Liberians to join the community in Northampton from Friday 28th of July until Sunday 30th of July as the celebrate the uniqueness of the Liberian people and the nation.

“I would like to encourage all Liberians in the UK and those spread across the globe, to use this time of celebrating our long history to reflect on our roles in our country in this important year in our history,” the ULO-K leader said.

“Most of us are aware that we will have to make decisions in October and November this year as it relates to the elections of new leaders to take over from Her Excellency Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and her government. I would like for us to reflect on the pivotal roles that we must play as diaspora Liberians.”

She urged Liberians to use their connections to their families and friends in Liberia to promote the use of the legal system to address any and all dissatisfaction with the outcomes of the upcoming elections.

“We must also champion a message of non-violence at all cost throughout the periods of campaigning and voting in Liberia.”

She concluded: “As diaspora Liberians we must demonstrate our patriotism and love for country by standing up to those we love and care about for the greater good of our nation. It is time for Liberia and Liberians to take the lead in Africa.

If we can agree to disagree amongst ourselves without resulting to immoral and unlawful actions that threatens the peace of our nation, we can morally challenge our African brothers and sisters to do the same. Put elegantly by Daniel B. Warner, ‘in union strong success is sure. We cannot fail’.

I will add to this, we must not fail! Happy 26 to all!”