“Ellen Not Supporting Liberty Party” – VP Boakai Assertion Refuted


USA – Liberty Party USA Chairman, Philip Suah, has rejected claims attributed to Vice President Joseph Boakai that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is fully supporting the Liberty Party.

In a statement, Suah wrote: “Liberty Party USA holds the office of the Vice President in high regards, but we are disappointed that Vice President  Joseph Boakai would make such remarks unsubstantiated by evidence.

Such behavior sets the wrong precedent, not only for other political actors, but for the next generation. What would the Vice President say when someone else comes along alluding to rumors about him that are false and misleading?

What about the many young men and women who would think it is prudent to employ rumors when wrongly accusing others? This is akin to the type of political dishonesty that has wrecked our country in the past.”

The statement is in relation to a recent exclusive interview Vice FrontPageAfrica had with Vice President Joseph Boakai in which he said, “I am not the one saying that President Sirleaf fully supports Brumskine.

The people are reading the signs and they’re saying that.

We live in a society where everybody supposedly is informed about everything that is happening. So the way we go about things, the people are informed and they interpret your movement, your action, your body language and they say, ‘We see certain things happening.’

According the Liberty Party USA Chairman, what perpetrators of such rumors have failed to realize is that, the resurgence of Liberty Party is not the product of any one person, not even Cllr. Brumskine, and not President Sirleaf in any way, financially or otherwise.

“It is the result of having lost two elections and using each loss as an opportunity to grow and mature our political discourse.

Those of us who have been with the party for several years endured the difficult times, not by pointing fingers at other parties; rather, by inflecting on what we didn’t do right.

After our first loss, we focused on robust critiques of the government in our quarterly reports where we provided alternative ideas to the Unity Party government.

Many who are now peddling falsehoods about Liberty Party were the same ones who said we were being overly critical and not giving the President time to govern,” the statement noted.

According to the Liberty Party, after their loses they realized they were not making sufficient use of social media to counteract falsehood disseminated about the party and therefore took to the social media.

“We also did not educate the voting population on our core principles of Reconciliation, Reform, Recovery, Rebuilding (4Rs). And out of our inflection came improvements in our message, our delivery and our outreach. We retooled our platform, tapered our message and our tone to continually fit the needs of the average Liberian.

We became active on social media and simplified our message so the average Liberian could know how Liberty Party could do things differently,” the statement intimated.

The Liberty Party boasted that it is its hard work that has attracted top partisans of other parties including the CDC, NPP, UP, UPP.

The party wondered why it is only the Unity Party that is complaining of its partisan’s crossing over to the Liberty Party.

“It is our hope that the Vice President will instead speak to the things he has control over. And that is repositioning the Unity Party’s message to offer hope to Liberians,” Suah accentuated in the statement.