CDC-UK To Rally Support For George Weah Ahead of Runoff


London, United Kingdom – Members of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) in the United Kingdom are planning an assembly to celebrate the party’s splendid performance in the October 10 presidential and legislative election as the CDC heads for the November 7 runoff (currently on hold).

The gathering is also intended to identify with and support the efforts of the members/supporters of CDC in Liberia and most importantly to encourage all well-meaning Liberians to go out and vote the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) for the development and progress our country Liberia so deserve.

“Your presence will be welcome, for those that are still undecided or was with other parties, before the results of the first round, please feel free to join us and use the opportunity to ask questions in order to clear lingering doubts about the ability of the Coalition for Democratic Change to lead Liberia. Food will be provided but drinks will be on sale. 

“You may not be in Liberia to vote but your love ones, family and friends look up to you to share your insight and experience on Liberian politics which may help inform their decisions,” the group said in a statement.

According to the group, the CDC as a political organization was formed to help address the needs of Liberians, in terms of their right to better and affordable education, a befitting health care service, the right to basic necessity (food, clothing and shelter).

They also believe the party will give hope to the people that the future generations and their children’s lives will be better than theirs, to bridge the gap between the have and have-not, to make each and every citizen realize their worth in contributing to national development, to provide for our youthful generation the empowerment to become useful citizens and to give to women the equality, voice and platform that they have been deprived of over the years.

The CDCians in the United Kingdom noted that CDC has always placed emphasis on the need to create the right economic and political environment free of corruption to achieve these goals. Encouraging mechanized farming and the network of roads to actualize the dreams of the farmers by bringing their produce to the marketplace, establishing industries to manufacture finish product.

“Contrary to the falsehood that has characterized the political shrewdness of the CDC to ably lead Liberia, and the desire to position Liberia in the rightful place in the comity of nations, CDC’s consistent message and continued growth over the last three elections has given hope to the people,” they noted in the statement.

According to them, the founder and standard bearer of the Coalition for Democratic Change, George Manneh Weah, has always been misrepresented and underestimated.

“Senator Weah needs no introduction, neither his contributions nor achievements. This is a young man who came from a very humbled and deprived background.

Senator Weah did not see his circumstances as insurmountable, but rather a challenge, he had a dream to succeed, difficult but possible, Manneh at the time would go from one office to another hoping for sponsorship or help, many times unsuccessful but did not give up, that drive and hunger in him help put Liberia on the world stage, that’s the impetus, drive or motivating factor he wants to bring to our youths of today,” they noted.

The group further lauded Senator Weah for his humanitarian role that brought relief to many Liberians both in exile and at home.

“When becoming a party to a warring faction was the norm, Peace and reconciliation was and still is his mantra, soliciting international intervention and aid is one of his approaches not isolation,” the members of CDC-UK noted.