Police Nabs Convicted Murderer Two Years After Breaking Jail in Grand Bassa County


Grand Bassa County – Police in District Four, Grand Bassa County have arrested a man believed to be in his early 40’s for escaping from the Buchanan Central prison after being sentenced to life imprisonment by the second judicial circuit court for killing his friend in 2013. 

The man, who was only identified as Morgan, was arrested in Bugbuin, a small town several miles away from Buchanan City, while attending a meeting in the town on Sunday, June 25, 2017. 

Community members of the town said Morgan has been living there for over two years but they were not aware he had committed a crime. 

“This man told us that his name was Jones and we all know him to be Jones in this town,” one resident said after Police had made the arrest. 

“Thank God for showing us that this man is so wicked like this,” another lady said. 

Edmond Barcon, a district youth leader, who helped identify the fugitive said Morgan was amongst 11 persons sentenced to life for killing the late Bob Jackson in a town called Kurflay in District One back in 2013. 

Barcon recalled that the incident occurred during a feast which brought together hundreds of locals including men.

He said the late Bob Jackson, who was the most educated man among the over 100 men attending the event, was appointed as secretary and all the able-body men were required to build structures to host the program.

“When the men went for the stick the eleven men along with the late Bobby Jackson left behind and they were lecturing, after few minutes they killed Bob Jackson and came back into the town,” Barcon narrated.

“Those wicked men sat and said they knew nothing about the missing in action of the late Bob Jackson, (but) after few time the traditional people and the police came in, it was at that time Morgan and his collogues admitted that they killed Bob,” he added.

After court trial, Morgan and the other culprits were convicted for murder and sentenced to life imprisonment, but they later broke jail in 2014 along with several other prisoners.

Meanwhile, authorities of the Buchanan Central Prison have confirmed that Morgan and the other 10 convicts were sentenced to life.

They also confirmed that he was amongst several inmates that broke jail and escaped in 2014.

A correction officer who asked not to be named said Morgan served as a preacher to his colleagues while in the prison before the jailbreak.

Morgan has again been incarcerated at the Buchanan Central prison to continue his lifetime imprisonment.

Report by Elton Wroinbee Tiah, FPA Contributor