Pastor Accused of Rape in Grand Kru County Acquitted


Barclayville, Grand Kru County – A Pastor of St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Grand Kru County, Rev. T. Koffa Nyemoh has been set free by the 12th Judicial Circuit Court in the county, following allegations of statutory rape.

The judgment to set the pastor free was presided over by his honor Williams Sando, resident circuit judge of the 12th Judicial Circuit court in Barclayville.

The rape suspect has been behind bars for over two years for allegedly raping a ten year old girl on December 22, 2015 in Setor community.

Smile and laughter were on the face of the Episcopal prelate when his release was announced by the resident circuit judge on Saturday February 25, 2017.

According to the 12th Judicial Circuit judge, the evidence provided by the state witnesses was insufficient and the clergyman could not be held thereof.

Upon his release, he told FrontPage Africa that he is elated to be found not quality by the court after hearing as many thought it was his doing.

The prelate lauded the efforts of his lawyer, Cllr. Thompson Jargba, for the representation in ensuring that he becomes a free man.

The clergyman maintained that he was falsely accused, because others intended to spoil his reputation to the public and his pastoral ministry.

For his part the County Attorney of Grand Kru County, Daniel T-Kay Dew said he was disappointed over the manner in which the defendant was granted freedom.

He noted that the crime happened within the family cycle and added that the victim’s mother whose husband allegedly abused the little girl testified against the state, making it very difficult for the Judge to rule in favor of the prosecution.

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