New Lawmaker Initiates Road Rehabilitation in Grand Bassa County


Grand Bassa County – The Representative of electoral district four in Grand Bassa County, Hon. Vincent Willie has collaborated with the Liberia Agriculture Company to begin the rehabilitation of a three-mile road in his constituency. 

The road project, which began Saturday, March 10 include the construction of a major bridge which connects the vast rubber plantation and the district’s provincial capital, Compound Three. 

It is the shortest route from the town to the concession area, where several residents seek medical care. 

Commuters travel for over an hour to have access to the hospital, while students are often cut off from school during the rainy season when the makeshift bridge connecting the town to the plantation damaged. 

Representative Willie told Front Page Africa that the road project is a major initiative for his constituents. 

“This Gbanie town road is beginning from Compound #3 to LAC, when the road is done people will use 10 minutes on vehicles to leave compound to LAC,” he said. 

“Currently People are walking for several hours from the Liberia Agriculture Company concession area to the civil compound due to the lack of a small road that we needed not to wait for national government to recondition.” 

“This is the beginning of the work we, as a lawmaker, going to do in our district.”

“We will work day to day because the lives our people are not the lives that they should be living in this country”. 

The opening of the road has brought serious joy to the people of the district who claim that they have suffered “for too long” due to the absence of a good road. 

Mark Williams, a resident of Compound 3, said it was a dream to see the yellow machine on the road for the first time after several years. 

“When I saw the machine tears came from my eyes because other lawmakers been there before and never thought of this road thank God for our young lawmaker who is fast in seeing things,” he explained. 

Mar-jay King, a resident of LAC concession area, asserted that their money would be saved when the road is completed, which will reduce the hefty transportation fare. 

“At least our Representative fixing this road, because paying LD$300 or LD$400 on motorbike is killing us but when this road is completed we will pay LD$100 for transportation, which is very good for us the poor people,” she noted. 

Report by Elton Wroinbee Tiah, FPA Contributor