Maryland County Celebrate Bhofal Chambers Election As Speaker


Pleebo, Maryland County – A cross section of people in Maryland County took to the streets in Pleebo and Harper Cities on Monday to celebrate the election of Representative Bhofal Chambers as Speaker of the 54th Legislature.

Rep. Chambers was elected by his colleagues on white ballot on Monday, January 16 during the leadership election of the house.

Back in his county, there were jubilation amid plans to hold a countywide celebration for his ascendency.

Many were seen jubilating in almost every community in Pleebo Sodeken District, the constituency he represents at the House of Representatives.

The Coalition for Democratic Change lawmaker is admired by people in the county for becoming the third most powerful person in the country.

Rep. Chambers has made history for being the first person or lawmaker from Pleebo to be elected as Speaker of the legislature, his constituents said.

Many people in the county say Chambers’ ascendency gives Marylanders hope that the county can also produce a Vice President or President like William V.S. Tubman, who led Liberia for 27 years.

Nathaniel Toe, Maryland County Assistant Superintendent for Developments, said Speaker Chambers could now deliver the county since the regime of late President Tubman ended decades ago.

Toe disclosed that a county celebration for the district #2 lawmaker ascendency to the speakership is expected to take place shortly and will involve citizens of the county’s three districts. 

Thomas Nyema, Pleebo traditional youth chairman, said Chambers will continue to represent the district until “he is tire”.

“Even if he says he is tire of representing us we will ask him to recommend someone that can carry on advocacy like he is doing for us here,” Nyema said.    

Report by Michael Wroh

Editor’s Note: This story was produced by Local Voices Liberia, a network of journalist in the 15 counties. The network work to report stories that are under reported in the counties.