Liberian International Track Athlete Unveils Projects in Margibi County


Cinta Township, Margibi County – While it would be good to have more Liberians contribute to the nation of their origin, others are taking the time to brace the storm to see that their motherland gets better.

Report by J.H. Webster Clayey  [email protected]

Among many of them; Bill Rogers, the Liberian International Track Athlete based in the USA has taken on the challenges to see that his country reclaims its post-war status.

The Liberian International Track Athlete who returns to his native home after three years, hit the ground along with former Miss United Nation 2015 and the founder of “Live Out Loud” charity Sherrie Geearheart and Molly Jarbo the former Miss Liberia USA 2013-2014.

Being the founder of the Bill Rogers Youth Foundation (BRYF), he would be pleased to see the BRYF constructs the first sports center for youth.

At the end of series of events held in his honor in Monrovia, ranging from a peace run and a unity walk to a well-attended dinner; Rogers manages to break ground for 20 acres of land in the Konoquelleh clan, Cinta Township, Margibi County for a multi-purpose sports center.

In addition to the ground breaking, he was able to get water from the ground by constructing a hand-pump for people in the remote area of Konoquelleh clan, Cinta Township.

“Other people have come here before and fail us but we just seeing him for the first time and he gives us clean water to drink,” Korpo Flomo, 35, mother of 4 said.

The resident of Konoquelleh Clan added: “We don’t get water here and he brought it, water is life, so he has given us life.”

Bill says, as an International Track Athlete he has a vision that has inspired him to contribute to the life of young talents back home.

The sports center will not be only for sport but be comprised of sound education which will include good library, laboratory and other items that will create a place for a smooth learning environment.

“It is going to be one of the first youth sports development centers in Liberia,” he said.

Rogers continues: “As a sports man, I have a vision that has inspired me to contribute to the young people of Liberia”.

“I did not choose the place; the place chose me, because when I was looking for a place in every sector of Liberia; I just needed a place, this place does not matter.”

“It is a unique site because if you want to develop youth you will not carry them to an area where it is very populated. You got to give them space where they can think and learn.”

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