Judge Accuses Magistrates, County Attorney of Corruption in Nimba County


Sanniquellie, Nimba County – The Resident Judge of the Eighth Judiciary Circuit Court has accused magistrates, county attorney, state securities and the public defenders of corrupt.

Judge James N.Gilayeneh said the alleged actions of the judicial actors have caused party litigants, who are seeking justice, to point accusing fingers at the court and are expressing lack of confidence in the judiciary. 

Judge Gilayeneh told FrontPageAfrica that the actions of the law enforcement agencies have caused the public “not to build trust in the court system”. 

He said this has delayed the hearing of cases at the Court. 

He later challenged magistrates, lawyers, the police and law enforcement agencies to prioritize “God and human dignity” in the discharge of their duties. 

“Let not the widow cry before Justice is done,” he said, adding that the attitude of some legal practitioners is undermining the credibility of the Judiciary system. 

However, the coordinator for trial judges of Nimba County, Magistrate Amos Nyaplue of the Sacelpea magisterial Court, could not agree nor disagree with the judge’s allegations. 

Nyaplue only expressed concern about the challenges facing magisterial courts across the county. 

For his part, Helton Quoigbeh, County Attorney of Nimba County, agreed with the judge’s allegation and cautioned his colleagues to avoid acts that might bring the legal profession to public disrepute. 

Liberia’s judiciary system is perceived to be one of the most corrupt sectors and the allegation by judge Glayineh has apparently validated such claim. 

Robertson P. Mehn, Nimba County Public Defender, said the delay of witnesses to testify in court is impeding court hearing. 

Judge Gilayeneh earlier said the delay of witnesses to appear in court and law enforcement agencies is because they allegedly take bribes from witnesses to lie under oath. 

Mehn complained that his office faces several challenges including the lack of operational fund and manpower.

Report by Franklin Doloquee, FPA Contributor

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