Humanitarian Group Distributes Food, Gifts to Kids in Bomi County


Bomi County – The People of Suehn Town, Bomi County had a day to remember on Christmas day as they gathered from all walks of life to celebrate with the Nmah-Clarke Family Humanitarian Aid.

The family charity thrilled residents of the town and surrounding areas with a children Christmas party that benefited the whole town.

Besides the meal, the charity also distributed other food items and clothes to residents of all ages.

The donations were intended to celebrate the joy of Christmas with the people of that part of Bomi County.

Speaking at the start of the program, guest speaker Darlington Ross urged residents to see the work of the Nmah Clarke Family Humanitarian aid as their own and support the activities of the organization.

The Charity is also setting up tuition free school and a feeding program in Suehn Town and, Mr. Ross said it was up to the locals to make those things successful.

The family charity started in 2016 in the United States by Mrs. Tuwroh Nmah Clarke and her husband Delarno and has given rise to the establishment of a school known as the Suehn Leadership Preparatory Center expected to cater to children from age 6 months.

Said Ross: “All that you see here today is for you; you have to take care of this place and this couple does not have money but they have decided to identify with you out of love and humanity”.

The President of the humanitarian group, Tuwroh Nmah Clarke said the Christmas program and the school project were her own way of giving back to the people having attended the Suehn Mission School prior to the Civil War in Liberia.

“It is an honor to come to help these children. I have lived in this town and schooled here before so I know what it is”, Mrs. Clarke said.

But while she is trying to do all these great things for the children of Liberia, the behavior of bribe-seeking Liberian officials is thwarting efforts to locally register the organization and deliver services to the children of Liberia.

“We are finding it difficult to register this organization locally because everybody wants something.

The people need to think about the lives of the children we are trying to help and so please stop asking us for money for everything,” she said.

“Let them just show us the way and we follow. I can’t pay anybody a dime outside of what is required by law. We can pay the taxes and not bribes.”

She however called on local aid groups and people of goodwill in Liberia to help support the work of her organization for the good of the Children.

Earlier, some of the residents including women and the elderly thanked the young couple through the Nmah Clarke Humanitarian Aid for sharing the joy of Christmas with the children and people of Suehn Mecca District, in Bomi County.