GVL Employees Want Company Rules Respected – Wants Legal Matters Settle in Court


Sinoe County – Several concerned employees of the Golden Veroleum Oil Palm, after a successful meeting on Thursday February 1, established a special advocacy team to caution the public and their fellow workmates on how to build a cordial relationship with the company.

Report by Augustine T. Tweh, [email protected]

The decision to form the team was made without the company’s interference, the employees said.

The team under the umbrella the Concern Employees For the Protection of GVL local staff is comprised of over 200 employees and contractors of GVL.

At a news conference, they warned their fellow employees and members to respect the rules and regulations that govern the company’s operations.

The team believed that when the company’s rules are respected, and employees act accordingly, there would be a smooth working relationship between the two sides – employees and management.

The team is calling on their fellow employees of the company to work with the working manual on the job to avoid confrontation.

Joel Jackson, head and spokesperson for team, said it was worrisome for employees and contractors to give the company tinted image to the outside world after such employee and contractor have blundered in their operations.

“Many at times we hear people complaining about the company not treating them well, but such individual failed to do the right thing on the job, every institution have rules and regulations that guide their employees, and this is not only restricted to GVL,” Jackson noted.

“We will not sit here and allow our reputation be destroyed by some evil individuals who are seeking their own self-interest; we are the ones working with the company and there are many Liberians who are still seeking jobs with the company while others are on the other side damaging the reputation of the company, their plan is to see everyone jobless but we will not allow it.”

He called on the GVL management not to give credence to anyone who will try to bring about confusion that will anger the company’s authority or that will damage the image of the company.

“We called on the company’s authority not to give ears to those who will always want to see Liberians suffer by creating lies against the company,” he stressed

Jackson said the group attention has also been drawn to the legal battle between one of GVL’s local contracted companies, Tropical Logistics Liberia Inc. and the GVL at the Temple of Justice.

The team’s spokesman said while it is true that the case between the GVL and Tropical Logistic is in court, it is prudent on the part of the Liberian company to fight its case in the court and stop damaging the name of the GVL in the media.

“We don’t see the reason why these guys are going in the press attacking the GVL when in fact the case is in court, if you say the company owes you money and you requesting for payment and the company says what you requesting is not what you work for, the only people can tell who is wrong or right is the court and the matter is in court. Why run to the media to tarnish the reputation of the company,” Jackson noted.

“I think the media too needs to be very careful how they publish articles involving people characters especially legal matters.”

“The media should not allow themselves to be used in a negative form. We believe that there are responsible media institutions in Liberia, but we urged them to do due diligence to the other side involved in a matter,” he said.