Grand Bassa County Youth Caucus Breaks Ground For 15-room Guest House


Grand Bassa County – The Grand Bassa County Youth Caucus has broken ground for the construction for a 15-bedroom guest house in the port city of Buchanan.

The groundbreaking ceremony, which was held on Saturday, November 25, coincided with the   dedication of the youth group’s newly renovated offices.

Bassa Youth Caucus is the umbrella organization for all youth groups in Grand Bassa County.

Othello Cotowor, president of the Bassa Youth Caucus, said that the renovation of their offices has been a paramount concern of the young people of the county.

“When I took over as president, I saw that the facilities were not a proper representation of young people. My colleagues and I worked together to lobby for help to renovate the building,” he said.

Contowor further said the Bassa Youth Caucus was founded to seek, defend and protect the rights of young people, campaign in support of community development, organized and facilitate forums, panel discussions amongst others, which are geared toward promoting the good aspirations of young people in the county.

“This county hosts the second capital city of the Republic of Liberia and the young people are the future leaders, so it was necessary to renovate and for the first time hoist the flag of the caucus,” he mentioned.

On the reason for the construction of the guesthouse, the Bassa young people’s president stated: “We leaders of the young people are tired of begging people for help, so we have made a decision to build a 15-bedroom guest that will help us sustain the Caucus.”

Making remarks, Senator Jonathan Lambert Kaipay, stated that the young people’s efforts needed to be boosted as they embark on the positive task they have decided to undertake.

“It is my first time to hear and see young people asking for search a positive and nation favor from lawmakers other than the usual WEAC fees, school fees payment, football and jersey amongst other,” the Grand Bassa County Senator noted.

Senator Kaipay assured the young people that the Bassa Legislative Caucus, in the National Legislature, is going to support them in making sure that their dream is actualized.

He at the same time pledged 100 thousand Liberian dollars as an initial contribution toward the start of the project.

Meanwhile, Mr. Matthew Fairplay Joe, Representative-elect of electoral District 3 and Mr. Thomas Alexander Goshua, Representative-elect of District 5, Grand Bassa County, separately thanked the young people for the level of work they’ve carried out.

They praised the young people’s president, Othello Contowor, for being farsighted by thinking about building a place that would be there to generate revenue, which will help sustain their Caucus.

The Bassa Youth Caucus was founded March 2008, to bring all young people of the county under roof in Grand Bassa County regardless of ethnicity, religion, race and cultural orientation.

Report by Elton Wroinbee Tiah, FPA Contributor