Daring Men – Zontou Town Petitions Businesswoman for 2017 Election


Nimba County – Women are braving the storm to get involved in active politics and increase their position in the legislature.

The slogan, what men can do, women can do it even better, vibrated across Zontou Town, Nimba County Electoral District #7 over the weekend when residents petitioned a progressive businesswoman of the district to contest for the lone representative seat in the 2017 presidential and legislative elections.

 Spencer Gbliwon, who read the petition on behalf of the residents, recounted a number of development initiatives, Madam Kuku W. Yansine had undertaken in the district prior to the petition ceremony was a clear manifestation of what she will do at the national legislature should the district elect her at the 2017 polls.

The citizens recalled how Mrs. Yansine’s late husband Horace, who contested for the district representative seat in 2011, but lost was so instrumental in the development agenda of the district and beyond.

For that, the citizens have resolved to drum up support on her behalf during the electioneering period so that when she wins the representative post, she would fulfill the legacy of her late husband.

They recalled the numerous contributions her husband made, and her own subsequent contributions to every development-related organization in the district, while her husband was alive and even after his death.

In her response, Kuku as she is often called, invoked the spirit of her deceased husband; the part of the program that saw everyone in attendance teary, to empower her as she embarks on the journey to keep his legacy alive.

She has promised to lead the citizens by continuously engaging them constructively, adding, “Together, we will build an economically vibrant district wherein everyone would be touched as we go along.”

Kuku, a Mano from Zoe Luapa Town District #7, which comprises a Gio/Dan amalgamation, was happily married to the late Horace Y. Yansine. The union was blessed with five children.

She is a social reformer, farmer who befriends so many farmers in the district, is a practical community developer, who the citizens believe can bring freedom to the “dormant political district.”

Those who now organized themselves as “Friends of Kuku” believe too that she is an agent of change, who understands the common people problems as a result-oriented and dedicated business executive, who is willing to leverage skills and provide opportunities for those that may stand in need.