Bong County Reports Highest Crime Rate in April 2017


Monrovia – The Liberia National Police (LNP) has released its crimes statistics for the month of April 2017, with Bong County recording the highest number of crimes committed during the course of the reporting month, while Gbapolu and Rivergee Counties recorded the lowest crime rate.

The report puts Paynesville City as recording the highest number of crimes among urban areas, while Central Monrovia recorded the lowest.

The LNP said a total number of 1,001 crimes were committed throughout the country during the month of April, with youths between the ages of  20 to 24 and 25 to 29 being captured as the highest number of perpetrators.

The statistics released revealed that  the Liberia National Police successfully forwarded to court for prosecution  three hundred and fifty six cases (365) representing (15.6%), four hundred and one cases were withdrawn by complainants  representing (40%), while two hundred and forty three (243) are pending either for court prosecution or investigation representing (24%).

As for crimes committed by foreign national residing in Liberia , Lebanese and Malians recorded the lowest, while Guineans recorded the highest with 36,representing (4%) of the total crimes committed in Liberia. (March 2017 crime
statistics for foreign national was also topped by the Guineans)

From analysis of the data based on the categories of crimes reported, Property Theft registered the highest with 295 representing (29%) of the offenses committed; Simple Assault featured 175 (17%) Aggravated Assault 113 (11%).

According to the statistics gathered from various reporting areas , suspects by gender shows that males committed the highest numbers of crimes
(802)  representing (80%) while their female counterparts committed   one hundred and fifty six crimes (156) which equal (15.6%).

The LNP said it will continued to monitor those areas that are reporting increase in crime rate  and at the same time continue to reduce the crime rate in areas that are experiencing reduction.

The Liberia National Police is meanwhile encouraging the general public to report crimes to the Police, by sharing needed information.