Resident of Margibi County Wins Second Car From Orange Raffle


Monrovia – The lives of Mr. Akin Nannoh of Cotton Tree, Margibi County and his family were forever changed over the last two days.

On Tuesday, November 14, Mr. Nannoh received a call from Orange Liberia to inform him that he was the second winner of a brand new vehicle from the Orange “Christmas Starts in October Campaign.”  

That same day, convoy of Orange staff drove to Margibi to give Mr. Nannoh the first glimpse of his vehicle, a brand new Ford Figo.   He received his prize in Monrovia at an official press conference on Wednesday afternoon.

The keys to the vehicle were officially presented to Mr. Nannoh by Oranges Director for Legal Affairs, Mr. William Saamoi, and its Chief Executive Officer Mr. Mamadou Coulibaly.   

Both men congratulated Mr. Nannoh while Mr. Saamoi reiterated that Orange was a company that always lived up to its promise. 

For his part, Mr. Nannoh revealed that when he first got the call, he remained in disbelief until the Orange staff arrived at his home to show him his prize.

Mr. Nannoh said:  “today I’m very happy.   I got this vehicle through recharging and I have been recharging without expectation that I would ever win something.”  

A jubilant and emotional Nannoh went out to say:  “Orange has done a great thing in the life of me and my family.  Orange has took me from nowhere to somewhere.   

My father before me never even had the chance to reach where Orange has brought me today.  Even the hotel I slept in last, I’ve never slept in a hotel like that.  

I thank Orange for the opportunity and for being a company that truly has the mind to change the lives of the Liberian people”

In addition to the winner of the vehicle, Orange presented the fourth weekly Hero Motorbike to MR. Anthony Tamba.

Mr.  Tamba could barely speak during the press event and said that he still could not believe that he was a winner. 

“I never in my life ever thought I would win something like this,” Said Tamba.

Presenting the bike to Mr. Tamba, Orange Sales Manager Mr. Aaron Glay encouraged customers to recharge by e-recharge and they would not only be entered for a chance to win the remaining bikes and vehicles, but would also receive a 500% bonus on all of their transactions.

Corporate Communications Strategist Dr. Kimmie Weeks encouraged Liberians to continue to recharge with Orange to stand a chance to win one of the remaining three cars and six motorbikes.

Orange announced the new promotion under the theme “With Orange, Christmas Starts in October” at a press conference last month.  

Through the giveaway, a lucky winner will win a new Hero motorbike every week until December 21st. 

Each of the Hero motorbikes is valued at US$1,000.  

In addition, the company is giving away two Renault Logan vehicles valued at US$14,000 each and two Ford Figo vehicles valued at US$15,000 each.

One of the vehicles will be awarded every two weeks to subscribers who recharge two weeks in a row.   

The grand prize vehicle, which is a Toyota RAV4 4×4 valued at US$35,000, will be awarded the week of Christmas to a subscriber who has recharged at least once a week until the draw date on December 21st. 

Dr Weeks added that minimum recharges should be $1 and that customers increase their chances in the raffle by recharging more often and with higher amounts.