Orange Liberia Releases “A Package To Beat All Packages”


Monrovia – Orange Liberia has announced a new promotional package that is expected to shake up the Liberian telecommunications landscape in a major way.  

The new package, which is called the infinity pack, was announced at a well-attended VIP event held the weekend at the Royal Grand Hotel in Monrovia.

The package gives Orange customers access to unlimited national calls and SMS, unlimited calls to USA and unlimited data for $29 per month.  

Pundits have already begun to refer to the new package as the ‘Mother of GSM Promotions’ or the ‘Package to Beat All Packages” because of the generous and unprecedented nature of the new promotion.

Unveiling the package for the first time, the chief marketing officer for orange Liberia Mr. Noel chateau described the new promotion as the telecommunications solution that thousands of Liberians had been waiting for.   

The new promotion provides customers’ unlimited calls and SMS to orange numbers, unlimited calls and SMS to other networks, unlimited calls to the USA, and unlimited data.

“Essentially, for less than a dollar a day, we are giving our customers everything they need in terms of a full and robust telecommunications package.

Customers simply have to dial *888# to sign up for the new package,” Mr. Chateau Explained. 

Mr. Chateau elaborated that the new Infinity Pack was extraordinary because it was the first true total telecommunications bundle to be offered in Liberia. 

“For the first time, we are giving you not just calls within our network, but we are also adding calls to other networks, calls to the USA, as well as data, and we are giving you unlimited access to these services.  

This is the first time Liberia is experiencing a true unlimited bundle to meet all of our customer’s needs in a single package.”

In Addition to announcing the new package, Orange also revealed a wide range of devices that the company has on sale to match various budgets.  

The devices include smart phones from as low as $35, a wide range of mid-level Tecno devices; to high-end devices such as the I Phone 8. 

The Chief Executive Officer Of Orange Liberia, Mr. Mamadou Coulibaly has revealed that his company has goal to place a smart phone in the hand every Liberian and invest millions of dollars in building what he referred to as “a truly smart network.”

Mr. Coulibaly shared with guests at the event that in 2018, Orange Liberia would invest more money into expanding network coverage and getting 4G LTE out to additional cities across the country. 

“Besides the promotions, our technology team has been working around the clock to expand coverage, broaden quality, and make available affordable devices to fast track a day soon when every single Liberian will have a smart phone.  

Mark my words, orange will be the driving force that ensures that every single Liberian has a smart phone.  

We will not only provide affordable smartphones, but we are also building smart network that will open up a vast world of possibilities to Liberians.”

The new devices are on sale at the orange stores located in capital bypass and redlight in Monrovia, in Buchanan, Ganta, Gbarnga and Kakata, and at all orange point of sales at total service stations across the country.   

The new package is already effect and thousands of Liberians have already signed up to enjoy the benefits offered.

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