Nobel Liberia Limited opens New Money Transfer Service in Liberia

Nobel-Financial Incorporated, in partnership with the Liberian Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI), has launched a new money transfer platform.

Nobel-Financial Incorporated, in partnership with the Liberian Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI), has launched a new money transfer platform.


The money transfer platform which was launched on Friday, July 1 at LBDI main corporate office on 9th Street and is similar to existing money transfer systems like MoneyGram and Western Union with the exception being that Nobel Financial money platform is designed and packaged specifically for Liberia with the lowest transfer rate.

Noble Liberia Limited is a subsidiary of Nobel telecommunications which is based in the USA and Liberia and with the current economy trend has identified a market niche in the money transfer sector where they can tap into. With almost every Liberian having a family member based in the US who sends money to Liberia on a monthly basis, this new money transfer service offers low transfer fee that will help a whole lot as every dime counts. Nobel Liberia other services includes its pre-paid cards that are popular in the Liberian communities in the USA via Nobel’s telephone card. With the high usage of its service by the Liberian community in the USA, It was from this business perspective that Nobel telecommunications decided to set up a location in Liberia and venture into the money transfer and food express delivery service with the aim to helping to boost the economy.

 Nim’ne Elliot Mombo Jr, Financial Controller of Nobel-Liberia, said that the company is tapping into the money transfer sector particularly for those who are receiving money from family members in the United States.    

He said, that transfer fees are as low as US$7.99 making them the lowest.

He encourage Liberians residing in the U.S. who send money to their family members, to use the new service instead of other money transfer services, as they are cheaper and very affordable. Compared to our competitors, we charge far less in terms of fees that our people are going to pay to send any amount of money to Liberia. Our transfer money transfer service is fast, reliable and affordable with 100% customer service guaranteed.

Mombo went further to explain that “The first thing we want for Liberians to understand is that this is a Liberian-driven company and we will need their support in driving the money transfer component as well as others as he can  guarantee customers that Nobel-Liberia will be the best when it comes to offering  money transfer service.”

Mombo inserted that the money transfer is a partnership between Nobel Financial Inc. and LBDI with Nobel-Liberia has providing ATM machines at LBDI Branches that could minimize    customers waiting time for banking transactions.

He said anyone with a LBDI accounts that meets the bank’s criteria will be eligible to receive the ATM’s debit card for the money transfer.

“ For the money transfer services there are currently five branches that are available to make payout,  LBDI’s Randal Street branch and its annex , the main office on 9th street, Duala, and Red Light branches and also Nobel’s office on 20th, opposite Access Bank.

In closing, he said that for Liberians to understand that we can take ownership of our economy and even make it better for our people, we have to make them happy; as when they are happy, Liberia will have a better economy that could be accessible for better infrastructures and promote Liberia’s development agenda. There is absolutely nothing wrong for Liberians to take charge of their own economy as it is only, Liberians who can make Liberia better.

He said that the company has been in existence in Liberia since 2014 and is now moving into various channels of marketing, adding, “We have our express channel where folks in the US can purchase groceries base on the various food items oil, rice, and soap, cereals, milk, sugar etc. and we make the delivery to homes within 24 hours to family members in Liberia. That’s what the express service is all about, it’s a guaranteed 24-hour food express.”

For his part, President and Chief Executive of officer of Nobel-Liberia, Jallah Kesselly said that since the trial launch in Minnesota, Philadelphia, New Jersey and soon to be added states like Maryland, Washington DC and Rhode Island, the Liberian communities are excited and have pledged their full support in making this a Liberian success story. He   promise customers that the company will do everything in its power to meet their satisfaction while delivering quality service.