NOBEL Liberia, FABRAR to Export Liberian Country Rice


Monrovia – In its bid to help in the promotion of Liberian businesses locally and internationally, and to empower farmers throughout the Country, the management of NOBEL Liberia recently formed a partnership with the Fabrar Liberia Incorporated importer of red Liberian country rice to the to the United States for distribution.

Two executives of Fabrar Liberia Incorporated, Mrs. Jeanine Cooper; Founder and the Chief Executive, Mr. Fabio E. Lavelanet in their meeting with the Chief Executive Officer of NOBEL Liberia, Mr. Jallah Kesselly for a possible business deal said they were excited to begin the exportation of the Liberian Country Rice, tagged as the LoneStar to the United States aimed at supplying Liberians and other Afro-Americans to have the taste of Liberian home-produced rice.

Mrs. Cooper said 40-foot container of the Red Liberian Country Rice is expected to be exported to the United States through the management of NOBEL Liberia for Liberians in the United States including, the Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and other Liberian communities in the United States, and expressed hope that the partnership between NOBEL and her company will boost the sale of Liberian commonalties to Liberians in the diasporas.

For his part, the CEO of NOBEL Liberia, Mr. Kesselly speaking during the partnership expressed thanks and appreciation to the management of FABRAR for the initiative to promote Liberia abroad by making the first attempt to export Liberian homemade rice for the consumption of Liberians in that part of the world, using the slogan, “Helping Liberia to rise again”, his institution will use all venue to help in the promotion of this drive.

Also speaking, the CEO of FABRAR, Mr. Lvelanet said every five bags of the LoneStar rice being shipped to the United States is the contribution of one farmer, and further noted that this shipment of 4,000 bags has contributed to the livelihood 800 farm families. Adding, “Every bag purchased puts $3 in the hands of a farmer,” Mr. Lavelanet told journalists.

Observers believed the exportation of Liberian homemade rice to the United States will help in the promotion of Liberia’s locally produced commodities, and will also dignify the work of the Liberian farmers.

Since the establishment of NOBEL Liberia in the country, it has always made its support and services available to Liberian owned institutions providing guidance and other means that will help Liberians sustain themselves and their families.

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