Liberian Oil Riggers Prepare For ExxonMobil Oil Drilling Campaign


Monrovia – Since 2011, a local Manning Company, Menergy International Liberia Ltd, has been providing employment to hundreds of Liberian rig workers, training and building the capacity of Liberian males and females to enable them work in the Oil and Gas Industry, particularly in deep water oil drilling.

Most of these young Liberian seafarers were given the opportunity to travel to the USA, Singapore, Las Palmas and Namibia to either ride the rig to Liberia or from Liberia to the drydock during which time they were given on-the-job trainings (OJT) to equip them for optimum performance.

Menergy Liberia subsequently employs hundreds of Liberians on contract to work on the drill floor on various oil rigs that were hired by various oil majors to carry out oil exploratory drilling in Liberia between 2011 to 2014.

The latest oil company to commence oil exploratory drilling is ExxonMobil.

With the high level of competence and operational effectiveness demonstrated by Menergy Liberia over the years, they were awarded the contract to  supply Liberian local content for ExxonMobil oil exploratory drilling project which commenced in mid-November 2016.

In a recent interview with Mr. Bill Montgomery, the Acting Country Director of Menergy International Liberia, at the departure of the crew to Abidjan to board the drill ship, he informed our reporters that Menergy Liberia has employed twenty four Liberians, including one lady, in the capacity of Roustabout, Roughneck and Motorman, to work on the West Saturn oil rig.

He said the parent company,  Group Menergy with its headquarters in Dubai, UAE, has more than thirty years’ experience in the oil and gas industry providing full husbandry service pack, in addition to labor supply, to major oil rig companies operating in several African Countries, including Liberia.

He said Menergy Liberia was established in 2011 to contribute to the development and empowerment of Liberia’s emerging oil and gas industry by providing job opportunities for Liberian seafarers and capacity development training to help them excel in their career as oil rig worker.

He said in 2013, Menergy sponsored a three-day intensive training workshop at Liberia Marine Training Institute in collaboration with Liberia Maritime Authority.

More than one hundred and twenty Liberians seafarers received certificates in offshore oil drilling process; from exploration to discovery and production.

Menergy Liberia strongly believes in equal opportunity employment.

Mr. Montgomery said Mea Catering, a sister company to Menergy employed couple of ladies in catering and housekeeping various rigs operated by reputed drilling contractors worldwide; In order to promote women empowerment, Menergy has employed  Mrs. Joyce Jallah on the drill floor. 

Joyce is a trained mechanic and started her offshore career as a painter. Due to her commitment to duty and desire to pursue her career, she was given the opportunity on the to work in the engine room as Motorman on another campaign by a Norwegian drilling contractor.

Joyce is currently one of the four Liberian Motormen working on the current drill ship.

Menergy Liberia intends to work very closely with Liberian Maritime authorities and the government to contribute to the local economy and training.

Looking at the future, Mr. Montgomery said Menergy Liberia has plans to develop a database of highly qualified and professional Liberian oil rig workers and provide sponsorship for overseas training to enable Liberians to take up  more higher rank positions on oil rigs  such as Radio Operators, Driller, Toolpusher, Subsea Engineer, Crane Operator, Rig Administrator among others, etc.

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