Liberia Business Executives Hail Entrepreneur For Winning London Award


Monrovia – Business executives in Liberia have commended one of Liberia’s female entrepreneurs,  Leelai Kpukuyou of the Liberia Business Association (LIBA) for winning an international award in London.

Report by Edwin G. Genoway, Jr – [email protected]

The African Leadership Magazine based in London is expected to present on June 14, 2018 one of its prestigious awards, the African Female Business Leadership Excellence Award to Madam Kpukuyou. 

Ms. Kpukuyou is regarded as one of Liberia’s top female productive entrepreneurs.

She’s the Chief Executive Officer of the Mini Mall Incorporated in Monrovia, Liberia. 

The award ceremony will be held at the Hilton Park Lane in Mayfair, London. 

The Liberian business executives in separate statements described Madam Kpukuyou’s as a success story for the Liberian business community. 

Kimberly K. Toure, CEO of Turmarsi Construction Incorporated, was “overwhelmed” when she heard news that a Liberian female entrepreneur would shortly be awarded. 

“It is a proud for Liberia businesses, the award is not Leelai’s award, it is an award that will bring pride to all Liberian businesses operating here,” she explained. 

During the weekend, Toure shared her optimism with FrontPageAfrica about the potential of Liberian businesses. 

“I will love to see growth in Liberian businesses and we all love to see Liberia businesses growing from small to big businesses, Liberians shouldn’t give up their gains,” she said. 

Madam Toure noted that the Liberian leader is a pro-poor President who would love to see Liberian businesses improve to the highest peak. 

Alice Yeebahn, the President of the Liberia Marketing Association (LMA), expressed gratitude to Madam Kpukuyou for her hard work. 

Yeebahn described the award as “a plus for Liberian women” and encouraged Leelai to continue her hard work. 

“She’s our daughter and we happy for her to win this award; I think this will encourage other women in different sectors to join the business community.”

“We are proud of her as Liberians,” she noted. 

 Mohammed Donzo, CEO of Mohammed Enterprise – dealer of used clothes, electronics, cooking utensils, said, “it was not a mistake for the London base magazine to recognize the hard work of Madam Kpukuyoyu”. 

He said it is time for Liberian men and women stand on their feet and improve the business sector of the Liberia. 

“We are not just proud but we are over plus happy with the news of our sister, she is hard working woman who does not discriminate among people, when she sees you here today, the next time she will interact with you like you guys have known each other for long time.”

“So, let her bring the award so we can celebrate with her as business people,” he said. 

As an actor in Liberia’s post-war economic recovery, Leelai is consider by her peers as a rising prominent entrepreneurs in the West African region. She has her focus on international trade and development. 

Kpukuyou describes her success as “the business community success” and thanked the African Leadership Magazine for selecting her among many great African businesswomen. 

“I am grateful for the award and I am happy that a Liberian woman name has entered in history, this time from the business sector. “

“The award is Liberian business award we all need to celebrate it,” she said. 

Leelai has keen sense and ground knowledge on the day-to-day business environment of Liberia in all sectors. Due to her consistent work and tireless innovation rooted in trust, she has developed credible links with diverse business actors in the MRU (Mano River Union), ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) and other parts of Africa. 

Madam Kpukuyou won this prestigious African Female Business Leadership Excellence Award as a result of her outstanding posturing as one of Africa’s distinguished female business leaders whose exceptional leadership and managerial skills, in spite of stiff competition in a male dominated world, has shown resilience, courage and sagacity in building a brand. 

Beyond her enviable private sector portfolio and legacy, Madam Kpukuyou was rated high among her peers as a result of her immense contribution to developing and empowering women and youth through entrepreneurship in Liberia coupled with her exceptional leadership impact on her internal and external communities. 

As Madam Kpukuyou goes to receive this international and prestigious award in London on June 14, 2018 at the African Business Leadership Awards and Investment Forum, she said she remains humbled, optimistic. 

She envisages a Liberian-dominated economy, and a conducive investment climate that seeks the upliftment of impoverished Liberians and other innovative empowerment programs.