GVL Reaffirms Commitment to Working in Liberia


Monrovia – Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) refutes allegations that former expatriate managers in the company were in anyway mistreated or that the company’s operations have stalled due to their resignation.

While it is accurate to report that five expatriate managers have chosen to resign following the introduction of measures to ensure their performances are in compliance with company’s policy, GVL strongly refutes allegations that these managers are being treated as scapegoats or have been mistreated in anyway.

It is also completely false to suggest GVL operations are at risk of stalling or closing down.

Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) is an oil palm developer, committed to long-term investment.

As one of Liberia’s largest foreign investors and the largest oil palm investment in Africa, our operation is bringing employment, infrastructure, education and healthcare to some of the country’s poorest areas.

We are playing a key role in the government of Liberia’s Poverty Reduction Strategy and the economic revitalization of Liberia’s rural economy.

GVL is creating jobs and training employees in an extensive range of transferable skills, whilst contributing to an infrastructure for the communities in which we work.

Since his appointment in January 2017, new CEO Burhan Telasman has worked to strengthen operation practices to ensure GVL meets both its planting targets and its commitments to the communities in which it operates, in Sinoe and Grand Kru counties.

Measures introduced by Burhan Telasman are intended to strengthening the company’s economic position as it moves from development to production mode and to ensure the company achieves its Key Performance Index (KPI).

They are also designed to encourage further job opportunities for local people who are the direct beneficiaries of the concession agreement.

Already GVL has employed 3600 people in our concessions areas, bringing relief to citizens of these areas.

Prior to the arrival of GVL in the south east of Liberia in December 2010, most houses in the area were thatch roofed houses but there are now many zinc roofed houses in all of GVL farms which has brought smiles to the faces of residents of the concession areas.

Currently, the Company has completed the construction of 287 housing units in different categories for its employees. These houses will be occupied by ordinary workers to senior managers.

Besides bringing smiles to the people of the South East, GVL has also been engaged with national government in rehabilitating road infrastructures and providing social services.

Currently, GVL runs an elementary school in its concession area in Butaw District which provides basic education for children and dependents of its workforce.

The company has over the years built and rehabilitated several hand pumps in the rural communities and also linked communities with the construction of feeder roads in the two counties of operations.

Moreover, has provided support to public schools in the form of providing monthly stipend for volunteers’ teachers, providing furniture and writing desks, tables and chairs.

GVL has also provided funds to upgrade the standard of schools by rehabilitating additional classrooms.

For the past four years GVL has provided yearly US$100,000 as scholarship funds to various universities and continue to do seem in the years ahead.

The most recent social services provided was the dedication of nursing quarters for nurses who take up assignment at the Butaw clinic in Sinoe County.

At the end of August GVL will inaugurate a US$30m 40/ton Palm Oil Mill facility in, Tarjuowon District,  Sinoe County which commences the production of crude palm oil, thereby providing added employment opportunities to residents.

GVLs wish is that Liberians will take ownership of the investment and be proud of the investment, given the immense benefits it brings to the people of the concession area.

CEO Burhan Telasman assures the people of Liberia that GVL is doing everything within its powers to make the concession work in the best interest of all parties, Liberians should join hands and provide the necessary support for the Company as GVL is here to stay, the CEO concluded.