“Cellcom Remains Liberia’s Non Political GSM”


Monrovia – Responding to a recent release from Lonestar/MTN that Cellcom has intent to portray the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lonestar/MTN in a negative way, Cellcom telecommunications says it is in the business of providing quality and affordable telecommunications service to the Liberian people and has no intent to be involved in Liberia’s political landscape.

In its recent press release, Lonestar/MTN claimed that Cellcom was “deliberately and maliciously” portraying the Chairman of the Board of Directors who is also the central figure of the All Liberian Party Mr. Benoni Urey in a “negative way.” Cellcom’s Corporate Communications Strategist Dr. Kimmie Weeks says the allegations from Lonestar/MTN “defies common sense and logic.”

Said Weeks: “Cellcom has a long and proud history of neutrality during elections in Liberia.  None of our executives are running in elections so there is no way we would be engaged in promoting a negative campaign against Mr. Urey.    Our core focus is to provide quality and affordable telecommunications to all Liberians and not to meddle in national politics.”

Commenting on other allegations raised by Lonestar/MTN that Cellom was congesting that company’s network, Dr. Weeks asserted that said accusations were “baseless, false, and intended to distract from Lonestar’s inability and unwillingness to provide cost saving promotions to its customers.”

Since its establishment in Liberia ten years ago, Cellcom has continued to remain a “champion” of Liberian telecommunications customers and has over the years continued to establish innovative cost savings promotions and services which has benefited thousands of Liberians.   The company’s nationally popular 3 days free calls program has been running without interruptio

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