• 'Count Me Out'

    “Therefore, those folks who are calling for an interim government are moving in the wrong direction and could never count on my support or that of others who are committed to this agenda. My appeal is that we all find a silver lining in this terrible epidemic to first contain it ...” – Dr. Amos Claudius Sawyer

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  • 'Ebola Ban'

    In the past week, calls for the lifting of travel restrictions imposed by some African nations on countries hit with the deadly Ebola virus came from the United Nations, the World Health Organization and West African Health Ministers.

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  • 'Interim Gov't Talk'

    In the backdrop of an ongoing deadly Ebola virus outbreak, a brewing social media discussion has been trumpeting an idea for an interim government in Liberia.

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  • Liberia, A Substantially Failed State

    As we transitioned from July to August in the mist of our regional attack by Ebola my mind and heart pondered over Africa's future as follows:

  • Provision of Quality Psychosocial Supports

    It’s often said that the mindset of an individual, people and, even a nation significantly determines the rate and pace at which they tend to perform given tasks and even prevail against any foes.

  • About Tipoteh’s Activities in Liberia

    In Theodore Hodge’s article, “The Great Liberian Drama: The Leading Lady and her Supporting Cast” that was published in The Perspective’s August 22, 2014 edition was short on specifics. 


  • Blanche Lawrence Passes

    The Lawrence family regrets to announce the passing of Blanche O. Lawrence. In death, she adds to the heavenly host of angels. Her service will be held on August 30th, in Herndon, VA.

  • Transition: Cecilia Gwengatei

    The Gwengatei, Pennoh and Lawrence families regret to announce the passing of Mrs. Cecilia Akuavi Lawrence Gwengatei. This sad event occurs on July 2 at her home in Logan Town, Monrovia, Liberia.

  • Tribute to  Dr. Blamo Seekie

    On February 26, 2012, I paid tribute to my Protégé  and a close friend and brother to Patriot Rev. Dr. Blamo Benedict Nyentue Seekie, to whom I refer as “The Silent Warrior”.