• 'Weah Gibes Rob'
    “What his mother did not achieve, he cannot achieve it They judge you from the home you come from, when you come from a good home and you go out and exemplify those attributes, your people say the boy is a good kid”.  George Weah, Senatorial candidate
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  • 'Violent Campaign'

    Rival Supporters of Congress for Democratic Change and Robert Sirleaf traded insults and slogans Wednesday in the PHP community - considered as Sirleaf base, claim CDC supporters dispute when the football legend arrived there.

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  • 'EU Expends €22M'

    The European Union (EU) has approved the disbursement of €22 million (approx. US$27.2 million) of budget support to help the Government of Liberia to scale up its efforts to eradicate the Ebola virus in Liberia.

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