• 'Not For Sale'

    “Weah cannot be bought with money, he is above purchase, George Weah is a property of the Liberian people, and you cannot buy that kind of man...” Mulbah Morlu.

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  • 'UN Chopper Down'

    RA 22426 United Nations helicopter carrying nine passengers, mostly health workers and four crew members was forced to land before midday Tuesday in the Sugar Beach Community off the Monrovia - Robertsfield Highway.

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  • The Troubling Truth Behind The Ebola Outbreak
    Guardian’s article: “Panic as deadly Ebola virus spreads across West Africa,” it reports: Since the outbreak of the deadly strain of Zaire Ebola in Guinea in February, around 90 people have died as the disease has travelled to neighbouring Sierra Leone, Liberia and Mali.
  • Did Rep. Dr. Chambers Make False Alarm?

    A Rejoinder to Jerry Wehtee Wion’s Article on the US$200m Lobby Saga
    Liberia’s House of Representatives has commenced probing allegations that the Gov't under the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Administration spent over US$200M on lobbying.

  • Bai Gbala’s Perspective: Sensitive But Unclassified (SBU)

    The Embassy of the United States in Monrovia made available to FPA the “Sensitive But Unclassified”, a Report of Liberia Governance Stakeholder Survey (LGSS) conducted by a group under contract with the USAID Mission in Liberia, for the information of the public.

  • Remembering April 12 After 34 Years

    Still unimaginable, apparently out of the implicit involvement of this writer into community development activities imbued out of several years of gainful employment at the erstwhile Liberia Agricultural Land Development and Mechanization Corporation (AGRIMECO, Incorporated), ...